Terms and Conditions:

1. The Sony American Express EMI "Offer" is valid only on American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card, American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card & American Express Kingfisher First Credit Card issued in India which are in good standing.

2. Only Basic Credit Cardmember can make a request for conversion of a charge into EMI offer irrespective of whether the charge was made by the Basic Cardmember or Supplementary Card member.

3. The Cardmember can exercise their option for converting the charges above Rs. 5000 under EMI offer only at the point of sale. Charges in totality only can be converted into EMI offer and any requests for part of the charge or clubbing of multiple charges into EMI offer are not allowed.

4. When you make a purchase under EMI Offer, the available credit on your American Express Credit Card Account shall be reduced by an amount equal to the Principal Amount not with-standing that your account statement for any month will reflect only the Installment amount due from you for that EMI Offer transaction during that month.

5. The EMI Offer is available on selects outlet of Sony in the cities of Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad. The EMI offer is applicable on Bravia/ Audio (Mini/Micro/Home Theatre)/ Digital Still Camera & Camcorders only and will not be applicable on Sony VAIO laptops & Play Stations, Car stereo, Mobile Phones, DVD Players, Network Walkman.

6. Regardless of when the date of your purchase falls within your Billing Period, the monthly amount to be paid under the EMI offer shall be calculated as the Principal Amount divided by the tenure.

7. The installment amount for each transaction under EMI offer shall be paid in full each month, notwithstanding the minimum monthly payment requirements stipulated in the Cardmember Agreement. The agreement of all Sony American Express EMI Installments amounts for any Billing Period will be added to the minimum monthly payment calculated in respect of all other charges or outstanding balances for that billing period.

8. Any amount in excess of your full outstanding balance reflected in your current statement, will result in a credit balance lying in your card account and will not be applied to unbilled Sony American Express EMI installment amounts.

9. You may pre-pay the aggregate of all unbilled Principal Amounts in full (but not part) by calling our customer service without any charges.

10. American Express reserves the right to foreclose the EMI offer and debit the entire outstanding amount if the earlier payments are overdue.