The American Express® GlobalTravel Card

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Global Travel Cards
Travelling with American Express GlobalTravel Card

GlobalTravel Card

Learn how a Foreign Currency Prepaid Travel Money Card can help make travelling with
foreign currency easier and safer.

The card is loaded with travel-friendly features.

  • Easy to Use

    Simply swipe and sign to pay at merchants, or use your PIN at ATMs to withdraw cash.

  • Reloadable Foreign Currency Prepaid Travel Money Card

    Simply visit a branch of the authorized seller where you originally purchased the Card or authorize someone to reload on your behalf until 31st August, 2016. Please note: The last date of reloading: August 31, 2016

  • Accepted Globally Outside India

    Use the Card at millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide, wherever American Express is accepted. (Exceptions: India, Nepal, Bhutan, and other countries where Indian or United States sanctions apply.)

  • Works Across Currencies

    You can also use the Card in countries where the local currency is different from the currency of your Card.

  • Helps Control Your Travel Budget

    Spend only the funds you have loaded onto the Card.

  • Simple To Manage

    Check your balance and transaction history online or by phone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Convenient For Business Travellers

    Give yourself and your employees an easier, safer way to carry funds during business trips.

a smart way to manage FUNDS AT EVERY STEP OF your journey.

  • Your funds remain in your account until 31st October 2016.

    For any available balance on your American Express Global Travel Card post 31st October 2016, you will receive an equivalent Indian Rupee Cheque at the address available on American Express systems.

  • No Inactivity Fees

    You can rest assured your balance will stay the same between trips.

  • Lock In Exchange Rate

    Exchange rates are fixed at the time you add your funds, so you can avoid currency fluctuations.

  • Exclusive Special Offers

    Take advantage of exclusive American Express Cardmember travel, leisure, dining, and shopping offers, around the world. Click Here for special offers.

Keep Funds Safe, and get 24/7 Emergency Assistance.

  • Get an Instant Backup

    When you purchase the Card, you will also receive a Backup Card that has a separate PIN. If you report your Card as lost or stolen, we will deactivate it, and activate your Backup Card.

  • Rely on a Fast Replacement

    We will promptly send a Replacement Card to your chosen destination. Simply call Customer Service immediately for help if your Backup Card is lost or stolen.

  • Easy Access to Emergency Funds

    While you are waiting for your Replacement Card to be delivered, you can access the remaining funds in your Card account by emergency money transfer via Western Union. Please note that standard limits apply, and funds will be released solely to the Cardmember.

  • Get Emergency Help 24/7 – Travel, Medical, Legal, and More

    The American Express GlobalTravel Card gives you access to emergency services from Global Assist®, including:

    • Emergency travel assistance
    • Lost luggage assistance
    • Lost passport assistance and Card cancellation
    • Medical and legal assistance referrals
    • Medical transport
    Note: While Global Assist® coordination and assistance services are free benefits from American Express, Cardmembers are responsible for the costs charged by third-party service providers. Global Assist services are not meant to replace any travel insurance.

    Learn more about Global Assist® Services

  • Fraud Protection

    If you’re a victim of fraud, it’s our job to take care of it. You won't be held responsible for charges proven to be fraudulent, as long as you have complied with the American Express GlobalTravel Card Terms & Conditions.

  • Safeguard Your Bank Account

    Since there is no link to your bank account, you are also protected from additional harm from identity theft or fraud.

Get More Value For Your Travel Money With No Inactivity, Monthly Account, or Replacement Card Fees.1

Fees Card Denomination
Purchase Fee / Initial Load Fee * 150
Reload Fee* 100
ATM Withdrawal Fee* $2.00 €1.50 £1.25
Cross Currency Conversion Fee 3.50%
Emergency Card Replacement No Additional Cost
Emergency Funds Access No Additional Cost

(*) View the detailed Fees, Charges, and Limits.

(1) Some ATM owners may charge an additional fee when the Card is used. This fee is determined and charged by the ATM owner and is not retained by us.

(2) Please note: Service Tax & Cess ( if any) would be charged separately as applicable.

(3) From 1st June 2016, the Service Tax Rate has been increased to 15% from 14.5% with the introduction of Krishi Kalyan Cess (‘KKC’) @ 0.5%. Due to pending technology update, American Express Banking Corp. (‘AEBC) continues to levy Service Tax only @ 14.5% on the Fees and Charges applicable on this product being used by you. AEBC shall make the full Service Tax payment to the Government of India @15% Service Tax Rate, on its own, and would not recover the KKC @ 0.5% from you.  AEBC shall start levying the Service Tax @ 15% on the Fees and Charges applicable on the product usage, post completion. This schedule supersedes all pervious communication and charges.

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