Travel Companion

Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, remember to take your American Express® card with you. 


Specially designed insurance packages are an integral part of your card as well as emergency assistance provided by respectable and reliable partners.


Emergency Assistance


If you need any assistance when traveling, there is Emergency Assistance 24/7 a phone call away. The team will assist with obtaining a lawyer, a visa, a translator and many more if needed or provide emergency cash. 


Emergency Card Replacement


We understand the importance of full support and convenience. If your card is stolen, gets lost or gets damaged while you are traveling abroad or in Kenya, we will do our best to replace it within 48 hours.


This is will enable you to use your card without significant interruption and continue to collect points and enjoy all the benefits. 


For more information, call +254 (0) 763 063 222 or email Equity Bank at


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