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Fraud is a growing concern, but you can protect your business against it. American Express SafeKey® helps to prevent unauthorized online/e-commerce use of American Express Cards by confirming the identity of the Cardmember through One Time Password (OTP) for each transaction with American Express SafeKey certified merchants.

If you are not a merchant yet, you can join our merchant network today and discover the business benefits of welcoming American Express Cards. Find out more! Contact Equity Bank.

Be an American Express Safekey merchant today! For more details, contact Equity Bank.

Experience the benefits of welcoming American Express Cards. For more details, contact Equity Bank.


Fraud Prevention


Card fraud is an issue we take very seriously, therefore should your business start accepting American Express, be reassured that we routinely contact cardmembers when fraud is suspected.

American Express Cards issued in Kenya are Chip & Pin , ensuring greater fraud prevention.

As a merchant you can help prevent fraud by

• Ensuring that your staff is familiar with our day to day security procedures which your relationship manager will share with you.
• If you offer e-commerce to your customers, please ensure your website registration and checkout areas are secure, encrypted and Safekey certified with Equity Bank and American Express.
• Always obtain signed proof of delivery.
• If in doubt, give us a call.


Let customers know you welcome American Express


American Express Merchandise


Display our complimentary stickers and signs, so your new and existing customers know you welcome American Express Cards.


How to become a merchant that accepts American Express


To welcome American Express Cards, contact Equity Bank by calling +254 (0) 763 063 222 or emailing

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