Paying your Card bill

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Paying Your Card balance is easy!



Paying for your Equity Bank American Express Card bill has never been easier! We have many options suited just for you.


Check out your options below:

  1. Auto-Pay: Set up instructions for automated monthly payments directly from your account on the due date.
    Name: Amex Credit Card Payments
    Swift Code: EQBLKENA
    Account: 0810263450692
  2. Equitel: When your Card is linked to your Equitel line, you can conveniently view and pay your Card balance.
    First, link your Card to your Equitel line by following these steps:
    Go to Equitel Menu> My Money> Others> Link my other account/Card> Link my other Card> Enter Card Number> PIN
    Once you link your Equitel line to your Card, you can pay for your credit card bill by following these steps:
    Go to My Money> Send/Pay>Choose Account> To My Accounts> Card> Enter Amount
  3. Cash/ Cheque: This is possible at any Equity Bank Branch and Agents Countrywide. Through cash, payable to Account 0810263450692. Give your full Name and Card Number. Through cheque, address it to Equity Bank Limited. Indicate the full card number at the back of the cheque.
  4. Email: Send an Email with your payment request to Request that a set amount to be deducted from your operative account.


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