Why American Express

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Why American Express

Say 'yes' to American Express and welcome more customers

Accept American Express ® Cards and open your business to Cardmembers at home and from abroad. In just a few simple steps you can be ready to welcome new customers.


High Spending Power

When you welcome American Express Cards, it is an investment in attracting additional customers to your business with local and international spending power. By welcoming American Express Cards, you are also opening your business to welcoming not only consumer but also corporate American Express Card members who are often mandated to use their Corporate Cards for business related expenses.


Grow your Business Globally

Opening a merchant account with American Express gives you instant access to over 107 million Cardmembers around the world, including Corporate Cardmembers. By aligning your business with a global trusted brand, you give your customers the confidence and trust to spend more with you.


Greater Loyalty

Welcoming American Express Cards grants you access to our most loyal Cardmembers enrolled on to our Membership RewardsTM program which promotes spend at our merchant partners.


Equity Bank is authorized to issue American Express-branded card products and sign up merchants to accept American Express in Kenya.


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