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The Equity Bank American Express® Green Card
The Equity Bank American Express® Green Card

The Equity Bank American Express® Green Card

Welcome to a world of American Express Benefits

MEMBERSHIP REWARDS® PROGRAM Earn points when you spend at merchants and withdraw cash at ATMs
3 MONTHS ACTIVATION OFFER Spend KES 80,000 and earn double points
PURCHASE PROTECTION Enjoy peace of mind
TALK TO US 24/7 Dedicated team to serve you


Membership Rewards® Program

Earn points when you spend and enjoy great rewards 

Every time you pay with your Green Card, you earn Membership Reward® points which you can redeem for American Express gifts, school fees, shopping vouchers at key local retailers e.g. Nakaumatt, Tuskys electronics and much more! 


Exciting offer!

We want to take part in your Membership Rewards journey. Spend over KES 80,000 in the first three months of receiving your card and we shall double your points (Terms and Conditions apply).



Travel Insurance

Travel Inconvenience 

American Express Green Card provides protection and support when you are in Kenya or abroad. You will be covered in case of travel inconvenience, as well as personal belongings thefts. 

Emergency Assistance 

If you need any assistance when travelling, there is Emergency Assistance 24/7 a phone call away. The team will assist with obtaining a lawyer, a visa, a translator and many more if needed  or provide emergency cash.

Financial Convenience


Financial Convenience

One of the great things about your Green Card is being able to spread the payments. You have the option to make new purchases and pay off your balance over time. You can also control your available credit by choosing how much to pay each month. 

Benefits of your credit card: 

•    You decide about your repayment plan. You can decide on the minimum repayment amount which you need to pay monthly (Between 20% to 100%) 
•    You can repay your balance in full within the repayment cycle so that you do not incur interest charges 
•    Grace period of up to 50 days

Supplementary Card

Share the experiences with your loved ones 


Share the memorable trips and rewards by giving your loved ones their own supplementary cards. They can now enjoy the same benefits as you. 


Points will be awarded for every purchase they make, helping you accumulate your Membership Reward points faster. The first supplementary card is offered free of charge.

Security is Important

Chip and PIN cards 

Your Green card has a Chip and PIN to ensure that all your transactions are safe and secure. 

My Account 

With My Account, we offer you round the clock access to your American Express account. 

You can check your expenses, transactions and payments any time that suits you. 

Annual Fees

Annual Fees

Annual Fees

We do not charge you a joining fee, all you need to pay is the annual fee.

•    KES 3,500 for a Basic Card 
•    One free supplementary card and KES 2,000 for subsequent supplementary cards. 

We are here to serve you: 

Please visit any of the Equity Bank Branches in Kenya or call our 24/7 customer service on +254 (0) 763 063 333 or +254 (0) 763 063 222 

You can also email us on

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