Methods of Payment

How to make account payments

There are 5 additional methods of payment besides sending a check by mail with the statement stub:

  1. On the Internet1. To pay your bill online, any day, any time, simply log on to American Express Online Services. Payments will be withdrawn from your enrolled US Bank checking account. This service is fee-free, quick and secure.

  2. Via Private Banker. If you obtained your card through your Private Banking relationship, your bank will make payments for the full balance on your account to American Express on your behalf. This service is quick and secure as part of your Private Bank bill payment service.

  3. By Phone1. Call the number on the back of your card and, once your account is enrolled, you can save time by paying your American Express bill over the phone every month. This service is fee-free, quick and secure. You can pay your bill any day, 24 hours a day. Payments will be withdrawn from your enrolled US Bank checking account.

  4. By Bank. You can pay your Card bill in any of the following banks authorized by American Express to accept payments:

    Country Country Banks
    Anguilla Bank of Nova Scotia
    Antigua Bank of Nova Scotia
    Aruba Caribbean Mercantile Bank
    Bahamas Bank of Nova Scotia
    Bank of Bahamas
    Barbados Bank of Nova Scotia
    Bermuda Bank of Butterfield
    Bermuda Financial Network
    Bolivia Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz
    Bonaire Maduro & Curiel's Bank
    BVI Tortola Bank of Nova Scotia
    Cayman Islands Bank of Nova Scotia
    Butterfield Bank Cayman
    Chile AFEX
    Banco Santander
    Colombia Banco de Occidente
    Costa Rica Banco San Jose/Credomatic
    Bco Davivienda S.A.
    Curacao Maduro & Curiel's Bank
    Vidanova Bank
    Dominica Bank of Nova Scotia
    Dominican Republic Banco Dominicano del Progreso
    Bank of Nova Scotia
    Ecuador Banco de Guayaquil
    El Salvador Credomatic
    Grenada Bank of Nova Scotia
    Guatemala Credomatic
    Guyana Bank of Nova Scotia
    Haiti Unibank S.A
    Honduras Credomatic
    Jamaica Bank of Nova Scotia (Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Kingston)
    Nicaragua Credomatic
    Panama Banco General
    Metro Bank
    Tower Bank
    Paraguay Banco Itau
    Peru Banco de Crédito del Perú
    Puerto Rico Banco Santander (PBP), Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (PBP), Scotiabank, BBVA (Web)
    St. Kitts Bank of Nova Scotia
    St. Lucia Bank of Nova Scotia
    St. Maarten Bank of Nova Scotia
    Windward Island Bank
    St. Thomas/St. Croix Bank of Nova Scotia
    St. Vincent Bank of Nova Scotia
    Trinidad & Tobago Bank of Nova Scotia
    Turks & Caicos Bank of Nova Scotia
    Uruguay Bank of Nova Scotia

  5. Via courier / Express Delivery mail to:
    Mailing Address
    American Express
    Attn: Foreign Card Member Payments
    P.O. Box 409050
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33340-9050
    Note: Foreign Payments are still being processed in Fort Lauderdale. No changes to the PO box.
    Physical Address for Courier / Express Delivery
    American Express
    Attn: Express Mail Remittance Processing
    20500 Belshaw Ave.
    Carson, CA 90746
    Express mail payments are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; however, payments received after 5:00 p.m. will be processed the following day.

1 To make use of this option, you must maintain an eligible bank account in US dollars with a United States-based financial institution. Please see your Cardmember agreement for more information.

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