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The most convenient way to call to the United States and other countries while you are abroad.

Simple calling instructions

Dial the AT&T Direct access number corresponding to the country where you are located for a full list of AT&T Direct access numbers visit Then follow the voice prompts.

• To call the United States or Canada, dial the area code + the telephone number.
• To call other countries1, dial 01 + the country code + the city code + the telephone number.
When prompted, dial The Platinum Card number and expiration date2. For more information, we recommend that you check the useful dialing tips or contact AT&T Customer Service.

Dialing tips

• If you're calling collect (to United States only), hold for the AT&T Operator
• From hotels, get an outside line; from pay phones, a deposit may be required for dial tone.
• Pay phones may require coins or a calling card to place the call.
• To place additional calls, don't hang up, just press #.
• To correct a mistake when dialing, press .
• Calling US 800 numbers may be toll-free or AT&T Direct charges may apply.
• To set up conference calls, dial 800-232-1234. (One calling party must be in the United States).
• To leave a message if busy or no answer, dial 1 or dial AT&T Messaging at 800-562-6275.
• European pay phones with the 3C symbol connect to AT&T Direct Service. Just dial 60 (in France dial M60).
• United Kingdom and German pay phones with the New World symbol connect to AT&T Direct Service. Just press the AT&T button.

AT&T Customer Care

From the United States, dial 800-222-0300 or for AT&T Direct access number updates, dial 800-331-1140. From outside the United States, dial the AT&T Direct access number for the country you're in and ask the AT&T operator for Customer Care. For more information visit

1 Country to Country calling available on your AT&T Calling Card only.
2 Use The American Express Platinum Card. American Express Card billing subject to availability. Payment terms subject to your card member agreement.
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