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To ensure your comfort and peace during your trips we’ve elaborated a broad program which guarantees insurance against the following types of risks:

  • loss of luggage;
  • delay of baggage more than 4 hours;
  • delay of the trip more than 4 hours;
  • trip cancellation;
  • cancellation of the event / ticket preservation.

Pay your journey by American Express® Gold MAIB debit card and get an insurance policy for a comfortable ride!

To know about all the risks from which you are insured during your trips abroad, call your provider of trip service and assistance "Aspire Insurance Advisers Limited" at one of the following telephone numbers for a medical a insurance assistance during your trips:

  1. international call: +74959376492
  2. Support MAIB cards service call: (+373 22) 268 926 or (+373 22) 450 603.s

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