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How to become our Merchant?


American Express is accepted on over 4.000 locations in Macedonia. As globally most premium brand, American Express represented by Silk Road Bank offers retailers the possibility for installation of electronic POS terminals. 


Why should the Merchant accept American Express?

  • American Express cardholders spend more, up to 50% more than other cardholders
  • American Express cardholders travel more - with more than 85 million cardholders worldwide, American Express brings hundreds of daily visitors in R.Macedonia, who buy only with American Express 
  • 69% of holders of other cards, with payments give priority to American Express, and ask whether the sale place accepts American Express
  • American Express is each year on the Top 100 list of world brands and becomes a global network with endless possibilities
  • Because American Express offer more advertisement possibilities
  • As a premium brand, American Express has a premium portfolio of cardholders with higher spending capabilities


Looks good enough? Now, give it a try ! Apply below and become part of the global family of brands that accept American Express. 


For more information refer to the Cards Department in Silk Road Bank on + 389 2 3298 555, + 389 2 3298 598 or + 389 2 3298 597.


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