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What is Your Bonus program?

Your Bonus is the only cash-back program on the market that rewards you with a bonus on your account anytime you use your American Express card.

Unique and different, the program refers to a certain amount of refund that the cardholder is receiving back on the card everytime he pays at selected merchants, locations and brands.

With Your Bonus you receive:

  • Up to 15 % bonus for each payment performed with your American Express card
  • The program is composed of more than 100 brands and present on over 250 sales locations
  • You receive the bonus as money refund back on your account and it is noted in your monthly statement
  • You can use your bonus however you want, wherever you want, anywhere where American Express is accepted, home and abroad
  • There are no limits on the products you want to purchase
  • No minimal amount on your purchase and
  • No limit on the bonus that you can receive

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