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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is the compensation or coverage that we provide travellers for medical or travel related incidents that will otherwise interrupt your holiday or business trip. Coverage includes Medical Expenses, Transport or Repatriation Expenses, Loss of Baggage and Flight Delay. We provide a maximum benefit limit of $50,000 with low deductibles.


The primary benefit of travel insurance is the knowledge that should something go wrong while you are abroad, you won't be responsible for finding the money to put it right, at a time when you are already stressed out.


What does it cover?


Medical Expenses

·    Medical Expenses and Hospitalization Abroad

·    Emergency Dental Care

·    Emergency Outpatient Treatment

·    Delivery of Medicine


Transport or Repatriation Expenses

·    Transport or Repatriation in Case of Illness or Accident

·    Repatriation of Mortal Remain


Loss of baggage and Delay of Flight

·    Advance of Bail Bond

·    Advance of Funds


Emergency Hotline /24 hour/

+44 (0)20 7902 7405 /Еurope/

+1 215 489 3785 /Амericas/

+27 10 209 8300 /Аfrica/

+662 645 3932 /Аsia Pacific/


+976-94097007 / Mandal Insurance LLC/


MAPFRE Assistencia WW


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