The Golomt Bank American Express® Rewards Card

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The Golomt Bak American Express® Rewards Card

The Golomt Bank American Express® Rewards Card

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International, MNT currency card
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The Golomt Bank American Express® Rewards Card is an internationally and domestically used MNT card which allows you to earn points on each purchase at select merchants that integrated “My Rewards” loyalty program. Additional savings are available through the American Express Selects program. 
• Different card can be connected to one account 
• MNT Card used internationally and domestically 
• “American Express Selects” program 
• “My Reward” loyalty program 
• No 1 security technology EMV chip card payment protection 
• High security protection 
• 24 hour reference service


Terms and Fees


ü 18 years or older

ü Golomt Bank current account holder

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American Express Selects

American Express Selects provides a wide range of special offers exclusively for Cardmembers. Visit to find offers from around the globe in travel, dining, shopping, and entertainment. 

My Rewards

Each 4,000 MNT purchases with The Golomt Bank American Express® Rewards Card made by Golomt bank POS machine, card purchase in abroad or internet purchase would collect 1 point, and you would have certificates approved by the point.  



Certificate Amount 

5000 Points

MNT 50,000

9000 Points

MNT 100,000

17000 Points

MNT 200,000

25000 Points

 MNT 300,000



You can receive the savings on goods and services with the Certificate corresponding the number of points.

Dispute Resolution

If there's a fraudulent or mistaken charge on your statement, simply let us know. The Bank will work with you and the merchant to help resolve the issue.

Our Customer Service will be more than happy to assist you. 

Please visit any of the Golomt Bank branches in Mongolia or call our Customer Service line on +976-1800-1646.

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