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Our Promise

Accepting the American Express® Card payment products gives your business a profitable and competitive edge.

American Express is committed to helping you win valuable and loyal customers, and will continue to provide you with the latest tools and services to help you meet the challenges of a fast paced competitive environment.



Become a Merchant


It's quick and easy to apply to accept the American Express® Card.


Please have the following information available so we can set up your account:

Memorandum and Article of Association or copy of Application forms duly certified by the Registrar of Companies

Certificate of Incorporation

Business registration card

Trading licence

Proof of address of the company

Board Resolution mentioning:  

        + Opening of account

        + Appointment of authorised signatories

        + Number of signatures required

        + Main objectives / objects of the company

Photocopies of National Identity Card  of all Directors of the company

Photocopies of National Identity Card of the signatories