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Billing and Payment

American Express solutions work with your business processes by providing you with a variety of billing choices, settlement types and liability options to establish accountability for Card charges.


A variety of liability options 
Select the level of liability for your Cardmembers and establish accountability for payment charges by:

  • Individual liability – the individual is liable for all charges incurred on the Card issued to them.
  • Joint and Several liability – the individual and your Company are liable individually as well as jointly for all charges incurred on the Card issued to them.
  • Company liability – your Company is liable for all charges incurred on the Card issued to the individual.


Individual billing 
Individual billing accounts can be set up for your Cardmembers, giving them a monthly statement detailing the previous period’s charges. Cardmembers can settle their bills by paying American Express directly, or you can chose to settle all Cardmember bills with one single Company payment. Any unauthorised charges may be paid by the individual Cardmembers in question.


Central billing 
We can set up central billing accounts for your Company, allowing you to consolidate expenses charged to individual Cards. You can also use central billing accounts as a payment vehicle for specific expense categories, and as a bulk reporting facility in conjunction with the individual payment option.


Payment methods 
Bills can be settled easily by direct debit or bank transfer. 
Choose from ten billing cycles to make it easy to incorporate payment schedules into your pay roll.


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