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The MAS American Express® Business Travel Account

A partnership between Malaysia Airlines and American Express, the MAS American Express BTA is a simple and smart solution that allows you to charge your Company’s travel expenses through one centralized account and enables users to charge air travel expenses at your chosen travel agency directly, whilst gaining competitive Malaysia Airline fares.


How does the MAS American Express BTA Streamline Reconciliation & Payments? 
The BTA streamlines reconciliation and payment of business travel expenses by consolidating all transactions into one simple clear statement, which has automatically matched line by line travel expenses with enhanced travel data. 
Here’s how: 
1. We set up your account: We work with your Travel Management Company (TMC) to set up your account and capture the data you need. 
2. Your travellers book their trips and advise your TMC of their defined reference fields: Customer reference fields, such as cost center codes and approval IDs will be provided by your TMC in your BTA. 
3. Your Company will receive a statement and/or e-data file from American Express: Electronic data files contain details of transactions that can be used for reporting or uploading data to your internal expense management systems. 
4. You reconcile your transactions and pay American Express: Streamline your reconciliation process with electronic data files. Pay American Express and send your payment details with the list of approved transactions including disputed transactions if any.


Please click here for the application form. Please click here for the sales brochure.


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