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Welcome American Express

To begin the membership process or for any clarification, please contact us via the phone number 843898112/823064501 or by email: You can also contact any BCI branch.


Advice for welcoming American Express Cards 

  • Always check who presents the American Express Card is the rightful owner. 
  • Ask for identification where necessary.
  • American Express cards are personal and not transferable. When in doubt, ask for an identification document.


Compare Signatures

  • Note if the signature on the back of the card coincides both with the name printed on the front of the name and spelling manuscripts in the identity card. 
  • Compare the signature on the receipt/invoice with the back of the Card.


Check the numbers written on the Card

  • Make sure that the number engraved on the front of the Card coincides with what is inscribed on the back.


Note the expiration date of the Card

  • Verify that the American Express Card that is presented is within the expiration date.


Chip Cards require a PIN

  • Transactions with credit cards with chip are made only after the respective PIN is entered into terminal

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