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Can I check the balance of my Card account online?
Yes, you are able to check your account online, registration is easy and free. Register now for Online Services.

I have recently made a Card payment. Can I check that this has been processed online?
Yes, you can check to see if your Card payment has been processed using our Online Services. Registration is easy and free. Register now for Online Services.

Which Cards are eligible for Online Services?
You can register any American Express Card for Online Services as long as itís in your name.

Can I add other Cards to my User-ID?
Due to data privacy requirements and your security, you can only add accounts in your name to your User-ID. Each Cardmember requires a unique User-ID and password.

I have a Card in my name but the website wonít allow me to ĎAdd a Card?
You can only add Accounts in your name that are linked in our system. If the Card is in your name, itís likely that the accounts arenít linked. Please call customer service on the number that appears on the back of your Card, Mon-Fri, 10am to link your Accounts.

Can I check my Membership Rewards® points balance online?
You are able to view, transfer or redeem your Membership Rewards points using our Online Services. Registration is easy and free. Register now.

I have just received my new American Express Card can I use it straight away?
No,To use your new American Express - Card you need to contact us so your Card can be activated.

Do I need to wait for my PIN to arrive by mail?
No. If you would like to select a PIN to use with your Card you can either select one during activation or online here.

How do I redeem my Membership Rewards points?
As soon as you've accumulated enough points to redeem your special reward, simply contact the Membership Rewards Hotline.

How do I enrol in Membership Rewards?
Contact us to enrol in Membership Rewards. The sooner you enrol, the sooner you can start collecting points towards your first reward.

How do I update my contact details?
If your contact details have changed, please contact us to update your information.

I have had my Card damaged or it is has been lost or stolen. How do I get a replacement?
Contact us as soon as possible so that we can replace your Card.

How can I pay my Card account?
Click here for a number of convenient ways to pay your Card Account.

What is Balance Transfer?
A Balance Transfer is simply a transfer of a balance from one credit card to another. For example, you can transfer a balance you owe on another credit card (Visa or MasterCard) to your American Express Credit Card account. When you request a balance transfer, we pay the amount you request off your other credit card, then add that balance to your American Express Credit Card. This balance will then appear on your American Express Credit Card statement.

How do I apply for the Card online?
Apply now for an American Express Card online. Or check out the Card Benefits page to help you make the right decision.

What Cards do you currently offer in New Zealand?
We offer Personal Charge and Credit Cards. Visit our complete listing of Personal Cards to learn more about the financial benefits of each and to apply for a Card.

Where is the closest American Express Travel Office?
To locate an American Express Travel Service Centre near you, use our Travel Service Location Finder.

Can I obtain cash using the Card?
Yes. You can withdraw cash from an ATM using your American Express Credit Card by enrolling in the Cash Advance facility. A PIN (personal identification number) is required. You can withdraw cash from ATM's displaying the American Express logo. To locate an ATM near you, use our ATM Locator

How long does it take to obtain an American Express Card?
Most new Card applications take between 2-4 weeks to process. Supplementary Card applications take about 14 days.

How do I resolve a complaint?
Service is important to American Express and if you have a complaint about our services or products, we would like to know about it. Once we know, we will investigate your complaint and do all we can to promptly resolve the matter. If you have a statement enquiry, such as a charge you don't recognise, please phone 0800 656 660. For further details about resolving complaints, please click here

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