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Your comprehensive travel insurance as a supplement to your ordinary insurance takes effect when you pay for at least 75% of your trip (transport, overnight stay) with Centurion. This travel insurance covers you and your immediate family members (spouse/partner, children living at home aged under 25, and co-traveling grandchildren under age 25), as well as your supplementary cardmembers and their immediate family members. See terms and conditions for definitions of whom the insurance covers.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The description below of Centurion travel insurance is only intended as an overview. For detailed information about the insurance, please refer to the insurance terms and conditions, which take precedence over all other information.

Medical assistance 

Up to NOK 50,000,000 for necessary costs related to necessary medical care (including hospital stays) due to illness or injury to the insured person while traveling.

Cancel, delay or cut your trip short

Compensation of up to NOK 150,000  for actual costs if you have to cancel, delay, change or cut your trip short due to illness.

Shorten your trip

Compensation for reasonable travel costs in order to return and resume your trip by up to NOK 150,000  for unused costs for travel, lodging, excursions and leisure activities.

Personal property, money and travel documents

Up to NOK 50,000 in compensation for lost, stolen or damaged personal property, money or travel documents.

Travel delay

Compensation up to NOK 2,500 per person for additional costs for travel, refreshments and lodging if the trip is delayed by more than four hours.

Baggage delay

Compensation for the costs of buying or renting essential items of up to NOK 5,000 per person if your baggage is delayed by more than four hours, and an additional NOK 5,000 per person if your baggage is delayed by more than 48 hours.

Personal injury due to accident

Maximum compensation amount per trip of NOK 4,000,000 for accidents involving the insured person due to sudden external events and which cause death or disability within 365 days.

Legal assistance and compensation

Compensation of up to NOK 750,000 for defense and legal fees upon request of compensation.


Compensation of up to NOK 10,000,000 for legal responsibility for injuring another person or damaging another person’s property.

Rental car – theft, damage and liability

Covers deductible, damage and theft. Includes Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW), Theft Protection(TP), Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) and Personal Accident (PA) for car rental during travel.


The insured person does not have to take out supplementary or additional insurance from the rental company, unless coverage for a higher amount is considered necessary.

Insurance terms and conditions


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