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Finding The Right FX Provider – A Rewarding Decision

"Finding the right FX provider was pretty crucial to our business."


Ross McNab of Kinected explains how, as an international company transacting mostly in U.S. dollars, choosing the right FX provider was crucial to the business’ success. Ross found that a combination of competitive rates and personal service made American Express the ideal partner for the growing company.

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Ross McNab - Kinected

Ross McNab - Kinected

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Hi, I’m Ross McNab, the Chief Revenue Officer at Kinected.


Kinected was founded about two years ago when myself and my co-founders were working in digital advertising over in New York.


Our entrepreneurial side recognised an opportunity in the influx of companies offering great ways for clients to spend their digital advertising budgets more effectively. We developed Kinected to act as an agent for these companies to bring their products to the Asia Pacific region.


The technologies that we represent are all U.S. based and transact in U.S. dollars. That means that finding the right FX provider was pretty crucial to our business.


Our relationship with AMEX FXIP came about because I’ve been a long standing personal American Express Card Member. Once Kinected was born, I also became a Corporate Card Member and from there we were introduced to our Relationship Managers Charles and Wayne.


Right from the start they were a huge help. Being new to the world of FX and not having a finance person in house means we’ve really relied on them: everything from explaining forward contracts to letting us know if they see an opportunity we might be able to capitalise on and showing us how to redeem Membership Rewards points in ways that send funds back into the business.


It was our Account Manager Charles who suggested using our Membership Rewards points to pay for staff travel. It’s a great way of managing costs without having to dip into company profits.


As well as the service, the rates are extremely competitive which is also really important – because when you’re a small business owner, every little bit counts. They really understand how even a small change in rate can mean a huge saving or cost to our business – it’s great to know they’ve got our back.

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