FX International Payments at a glance

International Payments made easy, with or without an American Express® Card

American Express FX International Payments add great value and support the growth of your business globally.


  • Live currency exchange rates
  • Competitive fees for outgoing foreign & same currency payments
  • No fee for incoming currency payments
  • No set up/ maintenance fees
  • Transfers in major currencies typically take 1-2 days. Same Day Value is available for some currencies. (Delivery time depends on currency and country)1
  • Blended payments
  • No minimum or maximum money transfer limit
American Express FX International Payments offer a number of products and global payment solutions for your services.


FX International Payments offers Membership Rewards® points, customer service and customized integration with existing accounting software to support their customers.

Rewards, Relationship, Support

  • Earn Membership Rewards® Points2
  • Customer support, Mon-Fri, by phone/email
  • Settle international payments’ transactions by Direct Debit or Credit
  • Rate alert service by text or email
  • Full integration with ERP systems
  • File upload, batching facilities, reporting and payment scheduling/ blending
  • More about the Membership Rewards® program
American Express FX International Payments is a trusted brand globally and caters to 20,000+ customers across 5 markets.


  • 117 years of expertise in international payments
  • $15+ billion in transaction volume
  • Payments in over 132 currencies
  • 20,000+ customers in 5 markets
  • World-class rewards program

Source of customer statistics: FX International Payments 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey

How It Works

Making international payments easy for you and your supplier.

Infographic of steps involved in using American Express FX International Payments methods and solutions to make easy, fast, secure payments to suppliers across the world.


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