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Do I need an American Express® Card to sign up for the FX International Payments service?

No, the American Express Card is not needed to open an FX International Payments account, nor is it required to make a transaction. We automatically withdraw funds from your authorised New Zealand business bank account each time you make a transaction.

Online Services

I have submitted a transaction online via the FX International Payment Operations (“FXOPS”) system. How do I know you have received it?

FXOPS from American Express is a real time payment processing system that captures all of your transactions as they occur. You can check the status of your transactions online anytime using the View Transaction History feature. We also have a dedicated team of professionals that track all new transactions submitted.

Will my existing beneficiary standing orders appear when I access the FXOPS system?

If you selected that option on the Internet sign-up sheet, we will make your existing beneficiaries available online.

How can my beneficiary and I receive confirmation of a payment transaction?

For telegraphic and draft transfers, FX International Payments from American Express can automatically send confirmation emails to the initiator of the payment and the beneficiary, provided a beneficiary email address is supplied.

Will I be able to see my phone and fax telegraphic transfer request on the FXOPS system?

Yes. Phone and fax transactions will appear in the View Transaction History feature in FXOPS.

I have lost my password. What do I do?

We can cancel your password and re-issue a new password for you immediately.

Why does my web browser not work with the American Express FX International Payments web site?

The American Express FX International Payments site works with most internet browsers. Please contact our Customer Service team at 0800 472 353 Monday to Friday for further assistance.

What are your foreign exchange rates?

Although exchange rates are subject to global market forces and change continuously, you can be assured that we offer competitive rates on all foreign currencies offered.

How much does it cost to open an FX International Payments account?

Enrolment is free of charge.

Are there any monthly service fees?

There are no monthly service fees.

How is the Telegraphic Transfer Fee paid?

We automatically deduct it from a bank account that you have designated each time you make a transaction. There can be fees associated with their payment applied by the beneficiary bank. FXIP does not have control over these third party fees. The amounts are subtracted from payment amount.

Products & Services details

How can I get notified of favourable exchange rates?

With FX International Payments from American Express, you can request to receive automated updates on currency fluctuations during a period of time. With Rate Alert, FX International Payments will send you via email. This will allow you to capitalize on favourable exchange rates, avoid having to monitor the market constantly and allow you to have more time to manage your business.

What foreign exchange products do you offer?

Currently, we offer transfers and drafts in over 132 foreign currencies. We also offer New Zealand Dollar transfers, and convert foreign currency transfers, cash letters and collection items into New Zealand Dollar value.

Safe and Secure

What is Phishing?

Phishing (pronounced "fishing") refers to fraudulent communication designed to deceive consumers into divulging personal, financial or account information to enable identity theft. Phishing e-mails continue to be prevalent for individuals and companies. Spoofing well-known companies, these e-mails ask consumers to reply, or "click" a link to a fraudulent web page that will ask for personal information, such as their credit card/bank account number, Social Security number, date of birth, account password, on-line user id, and other information.

What does Phishing look like?

Phishing e-mails often look like legitimate correspondence that tries to create a false sense of urgency intended to provoke the recipient to take immediate action. For example, phishing e-mails frequently instruct recipients to "validate" or "update" account information or face cancellation and/or penalty. Be very cautious of any email asking you to update sensitive information particularly, if it has a generic greeting.

Always be suspicious of e-mails that do not greet you by name. While not impossible, it is more difficult and costly for phishers to associate an e-mail address with the e-mail owners name on a mass scale. Because of this, phishing e-mails most often are addressed generically like "Dear Customer."

What can I do to protect myself from Phishing?

Follow these five simple steps to protect yourself from Phishers:

1) Be suspicious of any email that does not address you by name.

2) Navigate to banking or other financial institutions web-sites by typing the URL into the address bar of your web browser instead of clicking a link in an email.

3) Ensure that you are using up-to-date personal firewalls and anti-virus software on your computer.

4) Read your bank statements, credit report, and credit card statements regularly.

5) Have the American Express website remember your User ID on your computer, so when you return your User ID will automatically entered into the Sign In box. A fraudulent website (spoof site) will not be able to display your User ID, letting you know that you are not on the genuine American Express website. Note: Do not use the Remember Me functionality on a public or shared computer, like at a public library.

How can I keep my personal information secure?

1) Do not keep your passwords or login details written down or saved on your computer.

2) Do not disclose login details or passwords in response to unsolicited emails claiming to be from your bank, credit union credit card company, or social networking site.

What do I do if I suspect a Phishing e-mail?

If you suspect a phishing email, do not reply to the email and never follow any links. If you receive an email relating to American Express that you believe could be fraudulent or at any moment feel your account information has been compromised, please contact us at 0800 472 353 or Please do not include your account number in the email.

How can I ensure that messages from FX International Payments are genuine?

FX International Payments from American Express may contact you from time to time but we will never request that you divulge personal account information over email.

Transactions & Customer Service

What are your hours of operations?

You may initiate a transaction online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Customer Service line is available to assist you at 0800 472 353, Monday to Friday.

What if I have a problem or a complaint about my transaction or service?

If you have a problem or a complaint, please contact the customer service department of American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. by calling 0800 472 353 or send an email

How does FX International Payments from American Express receive the funds needed to make a telegraphic transfer?

During the account set-up process, you will be required to identify a bank account from which you authorize FX International Payments to electronically withdraw funds to cover the costs associated with your telegraphic transfer. This bank account can be updated at any point by logging on to your account and editing your bank account details. You may also transfer the necessary amount directly to FX International Payments.

Do I need to set up a separate bank account just to be used for FX International Payments services?

No. We will electronically debit the telegraphic transfer amount you requested from your existing bank account. You may also set-up multiple bank accounts from which we can electronically debit your various transfers customised to your business needs.

Is there a minimum/maximum limit per transaction?

No, however we adhere to the US government banking regulations and local banking regulations in foreign markets. If a transaction raises minimum/maximum issues, we will contact the account owner immediately to help in resolving it.

What if I submit a Transaction Request and I want to cancel it?

If we have not already completed your transaction, we will make every effort to accommodate your cancellation request. Please note there is no guarantee that we will be able to cancel your transaction if it has been completed the funds are available in the beneficiaries account. You may attempt to cancel a transaction online or by contacting our dedicated Customer Service team at 0800 472 353 Monday to Friday.

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