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Helping you ring up
bigger sales.

American Express has been a long-time supporter of the retail industry with both industry-wide initiatives and those geared to specific sub sectors such as fashion, electronics, supermarkets, general retail and luxury retail.

We also work with merchants directly to deliver a range of on-going benefits to help them sustain a thriving and developing business.

This support, which has encompassed both the whole of New Zealand and Australia, will continue with a spectrum of initiatives in 2010. It’s already got off to a great start with a Retail campaign supporting 13 Merchants in New Zealand.

Running for 10 weeks, this exciting and engaging campaign promoted spend at 13 Merchants and reached an audience of more than 50,000 Cardmembers in New Zealand. The promotion was communicated via a variety of channels including email, direct mail and online touch points, providing the participating Merchants with valuable marketing and media exposure valued at more than $300,000. In addition, Cardmember incentives were used to drive additional spend at these businesses.

More exciting campaigns like this will be announced soon, so make sure you check this space regularly.