Your Consent To Electronic Delivery ("Consent Statement")

Effective Date: June 17, 2013

Items Covered By This Consent Statement

You have the right to receive your Personal Savings deposit account statements, certain legal disclosures, notices, communications and other items listed below, some of which we provide through your account statements, (together, the “Covered Items”) in paper form by mail. We may instead provide these Covered Items to you electronically if you: give us your Consent to do so, provide us a Designated Email Address and satisfy the System Requirements below. For purposes of this Consent Statement, such Covered Items may include, at minimum:

  • account statements and other items, including notices of modifications to any items we provide through your account statements (collectively referred to as “Paperless Statements”); and
  • Deposit Account Agreement, rate information for your account, and other legal notices required to be in writing (for example, notices concerning your privacy, Truth in Savings Disclosure, Funds Availability Disclosure) and any notices of modifications to any of the above (collectively referred to as “Account Communications”).

You can elect to receive Paperless Statements electronically by selecting this preference in “Statement Delivery” within the Account Preferences section during the application process or in your “My Profile” settings after your account is created. Regardless of your unique preference set up, this Consent Statement covers those items you elect to receive electronically.


By agreeing to this Consent Statement, you give us your consent to electronically provide you the Covered Items for your account(s) and you certify you:

  1. meet our System Requirements,
  2. have successfully accessed the Test PDF document linked below, and
  3. will provide and maintain a valid Designated Email Address (collectively, your “Consent”).

You understand that by giving us your Consent, you may no longer receive such Covered Items in paper form and you accept any consequence of not reviewing the Covered Items in a timely manner. Your Consent will remain in effect for your account(s) until you provide a Withdrawal of Consent or the account is (and, if you have more than one account, all of your accounts, are) closed by either you or American Express.

Withdrawal of Consent

You may withdraw your Consent to receive Covered Items at any time through your online account, in your “My Profile” settings. If you have more than one account, a Withdrawal of Consent will be effective for all of your accounts. Withdrawing your Consent will not affect the enforceability of any Covered Items already provided. Withdrawing your Consent may, however, affect aspects of your account related to your Consent and even the ability to complete an application online. We will tell you about any effect on your account during the withdrawal process.  

Modification of Consent Terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at our discretion. We will provide you with notice of such modification(s) electronically in a manner consistent with Methods of Providing Covered Items below. If you do not agree to the Consent Statement as modified, you must notify us of your Withdrawal of Consent before its effective date. We will tell you the effective date in the notification, and change the effective date at the top of the new Consent Statement. Failure to withdraw your Consent, or take any other required action as stated in the notification before the effective date will confirm your continued agreement to the Consent Statement as modified. Modifications to these terms will only affect our respective rights and obligations from the effective date of the modification(s) and thereafter, and/or until a subsequent version of this Consent Statement takes effect, you withdraw your Consent, or the account is terminated by either you or American Express.

Methods of Providing Covered Items

In this document, “provide" means to deliver, make available, send, notify or similar term. We may provide the Covered Items electronically through, or through any combination of: (1) your Designated Email Address, (2) links provided through your online account, or (3) files, including those in PDF format, downloaded from our website. It is your responsibility to review Covered Items promptly, so you can take appropriate action.

Designated Email Address

You certify the e-mail address you provide for the account is your e-mail address, and you want us to use it to provide Covered Items electronically (“Designated E-mail Address”). You agree to maintain each Designated Email Address until you provide us with a new one through your online account, or by calling customer service at 1-800-446-6307. If you authorize someone else to access your Designated Email Address, you agree to tell them to share Covered Items with you promptly and you maintain responsibility of reviewing Covered Items in a timely manner. You also accept the risk that they will see your sensitive information.

Access to Paper Copies

You can request paper copies of Covered Items through your online account, or by calling customer service at 1-800-446-6307. We retain copies of these Covered Items for the time periods required by law and will provide you with copies of these upon request within those time periods. We do not necessarily retain copies for longer than is required by law. Save or print copies of Covered Items to ensure you have them when needed. There are no fees for paper copies of Covered Items.

Our Right to Send Paper

We reserve the right to provide Covered Items in paper form at all times at our discretion even if you have given us Consent to provide them electronically. For example, but without limitation, we may do this if we have a system outage, if we suspect fraud, or if for any reason your Designated Email Address does not accept e-mails from us. 

System Requirements

To access and retain the Covered Items, you must have a working e-mail address and a computing or communications device with:

  • working Internet access,
  • a Web browser that supports 128-bit encryption (such as Chrome®, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, or Safari®),
  • 16 MB of available memory (32 MB of RAM recommended) and
  • a program that can view, save and print PDF files (such as Adobe® Reader® 4.0 or higher).

To demonstrate you can access Covered Items in a PDF format, click here (“Test PDF” document). If you are unable to view the Test PDF document you need to install the necessary Adobe® Reader® software. You can download Adobe® Reader® by clicking here (clicking will open another browser window and take you to Adobe's website). By providing us your Consent, you confirm you have successfully accessed the Test PDF document and certify you meet all of the above System Requirements.