Cash Rebate on Overseas & Travel Spend with American Express Promo 2020

Travel the World & Earn 5% Rebate

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Promotion Mechanics:
1. The Promotion is open to all new and existing Basic and Supplementary Cardmembers of American Express® Cards issued by BDO.
   ◦ The American Express® Gold Credit Card
   ◦ The American Express® Cashback Credit Card*
   ◦ The American Express® Credit Card
   ◦ Blue from American Express
   ◦ The Cathay Pacific American Express® Credit Card

EXCLUDED in the promotion are the following American Express® Cards:
   ◦ The Platinum Card®
   ◦ The American Express® Gold Card
   ◦ The American Express® Green Card
   ◦ The American Express® Platinum Credit Card
   ◦ The Cathay Pacific American Express® Elite Credit Card
   ◦ American Express® Corporate Cards

*Newly issued American Express Cashback Credit Cards from January 1 to March 15, 2020 are excluded from this promotion.

2. The Promotion period is from January 1 to March 15, 2020.
3. All overseas and travel-related purchases made within the promotion period are qualified. BDO has the sole discretion to determine whether a transaction is classified as overseas or travel-related.
4. Qualified Cardmembers who use their American Express Cards on any travel-related or international/overseas transactions during the Promotion Period will earn 5% Rebate:

5. The following transactions* are qualified for the promotion (The Qualified Spend):
   ◦ All International/overseas purchases
   ◦ Airline purchases (Local, international, or online)
   ◦ Cruise line purchases (Local, international, or online)
   ◦ Travel agency purchases (Local, international, or online)

*BDO has the sole discretion to determine whether a transaction is classified as airline, cruise line and/or considered as travel agency. BDO is dependent on the Merchant Category Classifications assigned by its Acquiring Bank on each merchant establishment to be able to identify qualified transactions.

6. The following transactions are not qualified for the promotion:
   a) Local/International Cash Advances made via ATM or over-the-counter
   b) Any type of Bills Payment (Auto-charge, Charge-On-Demand, Utility/Recurring Bills, Loan Payments, etc.)
   c) Purchases from Gasoline/Service Stations, Utilities – Gas, Electric, Water, etc.
   d) Transactions from Casino or from merchants engaged in Gambling
   e) Transactions from trading services/remittances
   f) BDO internal Installment Programs such as Balance Transfer, EasyPay Cash and Cash-It-Easy
   g) Business-related Transactions
   h) Cryptocurrency
   i) Transactions that were already used to redeem in another American Express and/or BDO Credit Card promotional offers

7. Registration Process:
   a) A Promo ID will be sent to the Basic and Supplementary Cardmember/s via Viber or SMS. The Promo ID is unique per Card and per promo.
   b) The Cardmember/s must enroll the unique promo ID within January 1 to March 20, 2020 (The “Registration Period”) via BDO Web Registration.
   c) The Basic Card account is treated as separate from the Supplementary Card account. Thus, both the Basic and Supplementary Cardmember/s are required to register to qualify for the promotion.

8. Earning and crediting of the bonus Rebate:
   a) A minimum of Php 40,000 total accumulated overseas and travel-related spend with a minimum spend requirement of Php 3,000 per transaction by the Basic or the Supplementary cardmember/s within the promotion period is required to qualify.

The Basic Credit card account is treated as separate from the Supplementary Credit Card account. Thus, the Basic and Supplementary Cardmember/s are not allowed to combine their purchases to qualify for the promotion.

   b) A Cardmember may earn up to a maximum of P5,000 worth of Bonus Rebate. Once a Basic or Supplementary Cardmember reaches the P5,000 Bonus Rebate limit, his/her subsequent transactions will still earn the Regular 1% Rebate for local travel-related transactions and 2% Rebate for overseas transactions (for American Express® Cashback Credit Card) or the regular Points or Miles for the other qualified Cards, but shall no longer earn the bonus Rebate.

The total Bonus Rebate accumulated by the qualified Basic and Supplementary Cardmember/s will be rounded down to 2 decimal places and will be credited to the Basic Cardmember’s account.

   c) The bonus Rebate shall be credited to the Basic Cardmember’s account within sixty (60) days after the end of the Registration Period (“Crediting Period”). If no discrepancy is reported by the Cardmember within sixty (60) days after the Crediting Period, the bonus Rebate will be considered correct.

   d) The American Express Card Account must be active and of good credit standing with no past due obligation during the promotion period and at the time of crediting of the bonus Rebate, otherwise, the bonus Rebate earned shall be forfeited.

   e) The bonus Rebate earned in this promotion have no monetary value and are not convertible to cash.

   f) This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers of American Express and BDO. Transactions used to avail of any BDO Credit Card promotion (including, but not limited to other Membership Rewards® Points/Asia Miles Multiplier Promotions, SM 3-Day Sale, BDO Treats Promotion, etc.) will no longer earn the Bonus Points or Miles for this promotion. Should there be multiple Points or Miles Multiplier / Treats promotions running simultaneously, a Cardmember is eligible to qualify in one promotion only.

9. BDO reserves the right to reverse the bonus Rebate previously credited to the Cardmember if the qualifying purchase or transaction is cancelled on a later date, is found to be invalid or fraudulent, is found to be used in conjunction with other BDO and American Express promotions, or if there was an error in the crediting of the bonus Rebate.
10. In case of dispute, in respect of but not limited to the Cardmember’s eligibility, coverage of dates, transaction qualification, fulfillment, etc., BDO’s decision shall prevail. All questions or disputes regarding the Cardmember’s eligibility for the promotion shall be resolved by BDO.
11. The promotion is subject to the General Terms and Conditions governing: a) the issuance and use of American Express Card issued to the Cardmember; b) the Membership Rewards® Program; c) the Asia Miles™ Program.




DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-24241, Series of 2019.