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Pay with expresspay at these partner establishments


Other participating expresspay establishments include Good Shepherd and Toby's Estate.

Make your everyday payments with American Express® Card fast, simple and safe.


  • Speed through checkout process around the world where contactless payment is accepted. Just look for the American Express® logo and contactless symbol.
  • No accidental payments. Your Card must be extremely close to the reader for transactions to push through.


  • A tap with the contactless Card is all it takes. A light or electronic beep lets you know you're good to go. Save time typing pins or signing receipts. 


  • expresspay contactless payment capability is based on secure EMV chip technology which provides data protection and transaction security.
  • You are in control of your transaction. Your American Express Card never leaves your hand to make payment.


Contactless-symbol-TitleThe "Tap" Motion in 3 Easy Steps:

Use your Card anywhere in the world such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores, movie theatres, and more.

Step 1: Look for the American Express logo Amex-logo and contactless symbol Contactless-symbol-Body

Step 2: Tap your Card on the expresspay terminal or at a distance less than 4cm from the terminal.

Step 3: Wait for the beep and the light indicators to turn green to know that your transaction is successful.


Keep track of your purchases made with American Express Card.

  • Check your records online anytime by accessing your account information at www.bdo.com.ph. You have to be enrolled to access.
  • Check your Monthly Billing Statement.


Know more about your American Express Card by visiting americanexpress.com.ph

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