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Promotion Mechanics:

1. The Promotion is open to all active Basic and Supplementary Cardmembers of the following American Express® Cards issued by BDO:

EXCLUDED in the promotion are the following American Express® Credit Cards:
    • The American Express® Cashback Credit Card
    • The American Express® Gold Credit Card
    • The American Express® Credit Card
    • Blue from American Express
    • BDO Dual Gold American Express® Card
    • The Cathay Pacific American Express® Credit Card
    • The American Express® Corporate Cards

2. The Promotion/Spend Period is from March 16 to May 31, 2020 (extended until July 31, 2020 as approved by DTI-FTEB). The Registration Period is from March 16 to June 30, 2020 (extended until August 31, 2020 as approved by DTI-FTEB). The Redemption Period is from April 1 to August 31, 2020 (extended until October 31, 2020 as approved by DTI-FTEB).
3. The spend requirement may be single or accumulated overseas purchases. For accumulated purchases, the required minimum spend amount per transaction is Php5,000 or USD100 based on the actual Peso or Dollar value reflected on the Billing Statement.
For Cardmembers of American Express® Platinum Credit Card and Cathay Pacific American Express® Elite Credit Card with combined Peso and Dollar spend, total spend requirement computation will be based on Peso value. Dollar transactions will be converted to Peso on a fixed rate of Php50 = USD1. The resulting amount will then be added  to the total qualified Peso transactions to determine the complimentary item entitlement.


4. The following transactions are QUALIFIED including but not limited to:
    • Overseas Retail Transactions
    • Overseas Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) Transactions
    • Overseas Online Transactions
    • Airline Transactions

The following transactions are EXCLUDED from this promotion:
    • Local Transactions
    • Transactions from gasoline/service stations
    • Transactions from Casinos or from merchants engaged in betting or gambling, including lottery tickets, off-track betting and wagers at race tracks, crypto currency and the like
    • Cash advances made via ATM or over the counter
    • Any type of Bills Payment such as Auto Charge, Charge-on-Demand, utility or recurring bills, loan payments and the like
    • Transactions from stock trading, foreign exchange trading, financial trading, financial trading services, remittance and the like
    • BDO Internal Installment Programs such as Balance Transfer, Balance Convert, EasyPay Cash, EasyPay Convert, Cash it Easy and the like
    • Business-related transactions
    • Any transactions used to register or redeem from other on-going BDO Credit Card Promos

5. Purchases must come from one (1) qualified American Express Card.  A Basic Card account is treated separately from the Supplementary Card account. Thus, Basic and Supplementary Cardmembers are not allowed to combine their transactions for redemption of the complimentary item.  The Basic or Supplementary Cardmember must be able to provide separate information of the transaction/s that reflect their corresponding American Express Cardnumbers.
6. Combining of transactions from two (2) or more qualified American Express Cards under the same name and/or card account, whether Basic Cardmember, Supplementary Cardmember or both, for the purpose of reaching the spend requirement is NOT allowed.
7. Each Cardmember, regardless if he/she is the Basic Cardmember, Supplementary Cardmember or both, and regardless if he/she is issued with more than one (1) qualified Card under the same name and/or card account, is only entitled to a one-time redemption of one (1) complimentary item within the promotion period.
8. A Cardmember can only avail of one (1) complimentary item throughout the duration of the program, regardless if the spend is over and beyond the minimum spend. In case the Cardmember is found by BDO to have made more than one (1) redemption, submitted incomplete or invalid requirements, redeemed using fraudulent schemes or cancels any or all of the qualifying purchases, BDO reserves the right to charge the cost of the complimentary item redeemed at its full price to the Basic and Supplementary Cardmember's BDO American Express Card or directly collect the cost from the Basic or Supplementary Cardmember.  
9. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other ongoing promotions of American Express, BDO Credit Cards, and Stores Specialists, Inc. Transaction/s and charge slip/s used to register and/or avail of any BDO Credit Card promotion (including SM's 3-day Sale, Activation Offers, BDO Treats Promotion, American Express Treats Promotion, etc.) can no longer be used to redeem the complimentary item in this promotion and vice versa. 
10. The American Express Card used for qualifying transactions should be active and of good credit standing at the time of redemption.
11. In case of dispute pertaining to, but not limited to, the Cardmember's eligiblity, coverage of dates, transaction qualification, fulfillment, etc., BDO's decision will prevail.  All questions or disputes regarding the Cardmember's eligibility for the promotion or for any redemption shall be resolved by BDO with the concurrence of DTI.
12. Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of American Express Card issued by BDO apply.



1. Click here to enroll and completely fill-out the Web Registration Form until June 30, 2020 (extended until August 31, 2020 as approved by DTI-FTEB) with the following information:
    • Promo ID (sent to your mobile number via BDO Deals SMS)
    • Transaction Details
    • Preferred Treat     
    • Preferred Redemption Outlet
    • Agreement to the Terms of Acceptance
Note: For proper validation, Cardmember should ensure to input the correct PROMO ID sent by BDO via BDO Deals SMS, otherwise, registration will not be processed.

2. For qualified Cardmembers, upon successful receipt and validation of the Web Registration Form, an SMS confirmation with the randomly generated 8-digit numeric Promotion Code will be sent to their mobile numbers which will be presented at the preferred redemption outlet.
3. Only the transactions listed in the Web Registration Form will be validated. If the registered transactions did not meet the required spend, redemption will not be processed.
4. Transactions registered in the Web Registration Form will automatically be tagged as redeemed and can no longer be used to redeem any complimentary item or be used in any BDO Credit Card promotion.
5. Once the Web Registration Form has been submitted to BDO, change of preferred treat is not allowed. Once redeemed, cancellation of redemption is not allowed.
6. A qualified Cardmember may only redeem one (1) complimentary item in his/her preferred redemption outlet at the time of redemption.
7. To claim the complimentary item, the Cardmember must:
    • Present his/her qualified American Express Card at participating redemption outlets, which will be swiped for validation. No additional charges will be incurred upon redemption validation.
    • Present the SMS confirmation with the Promotion Code from BDO. Note that Cardmembers will be asked to delete the SMS after claiming the treat.
    • Present and submit one (1) Valid Photo ID – can be any of the following: SSS/BIR/PRC ID/ Company ID, Senior Citizen ID or Passport (name must match with the American Express Card presented).
    • Present additional identification documents at point of redemption if merchant partner requests for such.

8. The Promotion Code is for one-time use and Cardmember may redeem only within the stated redemption period. Any unused Promotion Code after the redemption period will be forfeited.
9. The Promotion Code may only be used to redeem regular-priced luggage and bag items and therefore not valid during store sale events. The Promotion Code cannot be used to redeem travel accessories and is not applicable for further discount.   
10. The complimentary item redeemed in this promotion are subject to the following terms and conditions:
    • The items are tax-free, non-refundable, not available nor convertible to cash purchase, not available for re-sale, and cannot be returned or exchanged.
    • For one-time use & outright redemption only
    • The redeemed items are subject to the applicable warranties of Samsonite.
    • If the price of the preferred Samsonite Luggage is lower than Php15,000 or Php32,000, the remaining amount can no longer be used to redeem any item and cannot be converted to cash or voucher for future use.
    • If the price of the preferred Samsonite Luggage is higher than Php15,000 or Php32,000, the excess amount shall be shouldered by the Cardmember using his/her qualified American Express Card. In the event of a declined transaction, the Cardmember may use another American Express Card or any other BDO Credit Card. Payment of the excess amount in cash or card(s) not issued by BDO is strictly prohibited.

11. The American Express Card should be active and of good credit standing at the time of redemption.
12. Cancellation of redemption and change of item is not allowed once redemption has been processed. The redemption shall be deemed as permanent.
13. Participating redemption outlets are as follows:


Click here for more information on declined redemption request.



Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-05197, Series of 2020.
American Express is a registered trademark of American Express.
These Cards are issued by BDO pursuant to a license from American Express.