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Benefits of Accepting American


BDO Unibank, Inc is the exclusive acquirer of American Express in the Philippines.
Join our merchant network and discover the business benefits of accepting American Express Cards.

Straight Payment

An American Express Card issued by BDO Unibank, Inc or any international Bank can be swiped on the Point of Sale (POS) terminal provided by BDO Unibank, Inc. A POS terminal is an electronic device used by merchants to obtain authorization for Card transactions.

Installment Payment Plan

Consumer lifestyle and shopping habits have been rapidly changing. Banks and merchants have to acknowledge this by working together to provide additional spending power with flexible payment options. Cardmembers can have the flexibility to convert a regular purchase into regular installment plan.

Delivery Events

The use of remote / wireless POS terminals is ideal for delivery services, events and exhibitions or instances when telephone access is not available.


The BDO Unibank, Inc Internet Payment Gateway Facility provides a secured internet connection for merchants to send and receive payment authorizations allowing customers to purchase goods and services from the merchant’s internet site.

Fraud is a growing concern, but you can protect your business against it. American Express SafekeyTM helps to prevent unauthorized online use of American Express Card by confirming the identity of the Cardmember through a One Time Password (OTP) for each transaction made with American Express Safekey certified merchants.

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Mail Order / Telephone Order

This facility allows the merchant the privilege of accepting transactions that are called-in, mailed or faxed by the customers. As such, the merchant will be able to accommodate transactions without the presence of the Cardmembers at their establishment.

Recurring Payment System (RPS)

The Recurring Payments Systems (RPS) is used frequently by companies for "auto-debit-arrangements" with clients. This payment facility allows the company to process transactions which are recurring in nature such as fees / charges.

Experience the benefits of welcoming American Express Cards.

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