2020 Treats 2 Spend Anywhere Cash Back Promotion

Spend Anywhere Cash Back Promotion

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Promotion Offer:
Earn cash back when you shop using your American Express® Card issued by BDO:
• Earn P100 cash back for every minimum spend of P2,500
• Earn P500 cash back for every minimum spend of P12,500

A maximum of P5,000 cash back will be awarded to the participating Cardmember’s account. Cash Back will be posted to the qualified card used for payment.

Promotion Mechanics:
1. The promotion is open to all active Basic and Supplementary Cardmembers of American Express Cards issued by BDO.  Cardmembers can join the promotion by enrolling within the enrollment period and spend anywhere using their American Express Card.
2. The Promotion Period is from June 22 to August 22, 2020.
3. To earn the cash back:
• The Basic Cardmember must enroll online through the promotion web page from June 22 to August 23, 2020 and indicate his Promotion ID. Click here to enroll.
• Basic Cardmember must provide complete and accurate information. Otherwise incomplete, insufficient or wrong information will invalidate the enrollment and will not be processed.
• Only the Basic Cardmember is qualified to enroll to the Promotion. Enrollment of the Basic Cardmember (considered as one (1) “Account”) automatically enrolls all his/her qualified American Express Card/s and his/her corresponding supplementary account/s.
4. American Express Card with purchases made anywhere from June 22 to August 22, 2020 and meeting the minimum spend requirement entitles the Cardmember for a P100 or P500 cash back.

5. Spend may come from any of the qualified American Express Card of the Basic Cardmember who enrolled in the Promotion. Spend made by the Basic and Supplementary Cardmembers will earn cash back for all their qualified spend. The maximum amount of cash back credit that can be earned per account is P5,000 or USD 100 within the promotion period. It is the responsibility of the Basic Cardmember to monitor the number of his/her qualified spend.

Sample Computation:
Once a Basic Cardmember successfully enrolls in the promotion, all his/her qualified American Express Cards together with his/her Supplementary Cards will be automatically enrolled.

6. The following transactions are qualified provided the minimum spend amount is met:

The following transactions are excluded from this promo:

7. Cash back credits will be posted in Peso. However, for USD-denominated American Express Cards issued by BDO, the cash back will be converted to USD currency using USD 1 = P50.
8. Cash back credits earned, including those from the qualified spend of the Supplementary Card/s, will be posted to the American Express Card where the qualified spend was made.
9. Awarding of cash back credits will follow the sequential order of the spend for both the Basic and Supplementary Card/s following the transaction date.
10. The transaction/s of a Cardmember successfully enrolled in the 'Spend Anywhere Cash Back' Promotion may no longer be used in any other on-going BDO Credit Card Promotions.
11. All cash back earned shall be posted on the card account where spend was made on or before November 22, 2020. This will appear with the transaction description “Spend Anywhere Cash Back”. Basic Cardmember must examine his/her statement of account for any errors related to the Spend Anywhere Cashback Promotion (e.g. cash back computation, non-awarding of cash back). All questions and issues arising from the Promotion will only be accepted within sixty (60) calendar days from posting of the cash back or not later than January 22, 2021, after which the Promotion is considered conclusive
12. Cash back awarded is non-transferable and not convertible to cash. However, it is treated as a credit or payment for purchases or any outstanding balance on the Card.
13. BDO reserves the right to reverse or adjust the cash back previously posted if the qualifying spend is disputed or cancelled on a later date, if the transaction is found to be invalid or fraudulent or if there's erroneous posting of the cash back, or if the transaction was used to register or redeem from another on-going BDO Credit Card promotion.
14. Account status must be active and without past due obligation during the Promotion Period until the awarding of cash back credits. For cards with dual currency, delinquency of one (1) currency affects the other and therefore will no longer be eligible for the Promotion.
15. Splitting of a single transaction into several approvals for purposes of generating more cash back credits is prohibited.
16. For multiple transactions generated from the same merchant, store or establishment made within the same day, only one (1) qualified transaction will be eligible for cash back per Cardmember even if he/she has more than one (1) qualified American Express Card issued by BDO. Remaining transactions will not be eligible.
17. In case of dispute in respect of but not limited to the Cardmember’s eligibility, coverage of dates, fulfillment, etc., BDO's decision shall prevail. All questions or disputes regarding the Cardmember’s eligibility for the Promotion or for any redemption shall be resolved by BDO with the concurrence of DTI.
18. This Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other ongoing promotions of BDO (e.g. Credit Card activation programs, points multiplier promotions and other on-going rebate promotions). This Promotion is subject to the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of BDO Credit Cards and American Express Cards.



Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-100691, Series of 2020.