Is a Charge Card right for you?

What is a Charge Card?

A Charge Card allows you to manage and maximize your cash flow, because it has No Pre-set Spending Limit. For the financially savvy consumer, a Charge Card makes good sense. Because your Billing Statement must be paid in full each month, many people find Charge Cards helps them to better control their spending.

Purchasing Power

>With a Charge Card, you are granted more purchasing power with No Pre-Set Spending Limit. While your spending is not unlimited, your purchases are approved based on a variety of factors, including your credit record, account history and personal resources. Proof of resources and security may be required.

Like many credit products, should you wish to make a purchase that goes beyond your usual spending patterns, please call the Customer Service number on the back of your Card to ensure a seamless experience.

If your spending continues to increase over the months, and your payments and credit record remain in good standing, you can achieve more spending power over time.

Year-end Summary of Charges for Consumer Cards

This valuable Card benefit simplifies year-end financial planning and can be a great asset during tax preparation. You'll receive an itemized, chronological listing of your Card transactions from the previous year.

This Card benefit is available on The American Express® Card, The Gold Card, The Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card ® .
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