When interest is charged

Calculating Interest

American Express Credit Cards are a convenient way to pay for everyday purchases. A Credit Card is a lending product. When you make a transaction using your Card, we are lending you that amount of money and you are essentially taking out a loan. As an American Express Cardmember, you have the flexibility to pay back the loan, so that we receive your payment in full by the payment due date or over a longer period of time. A minimum payment is always due by the payment due date every month.

When interest is charged

If you always pay your balance in full, so that we receive your payment by the payment due date, interest will not be applied to any of your purchases. If you choose to carry a balance or if we receive your payment late, interest charges are calculated and charged to your account. Interest is always charged on balance transfers and funds advances starting from the day the transaction occurs.

Managing interest charges


How to manage interest charges

The best way to reduce your interest charges is to make your payments early or pay your balance in full and on time.

Remember, the processing time varies by financial institution and by method of payment (Internet, mail, telephone and bank branch). Confirm with your financial institution to ensure we receive your payment by the due date.