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American Express offers a wide range of payment processing options. Select the terminal or processing solution that best suits your needs and start processing all of your American Express Card® transactions more efficiently, today!

Electronic Products
Learn the value and features of American Express Electronic Products, created to make your transactions with The Card® more agile and secure.

Learn About E-Commerce
Learn how E-Commerce can benefit your business, increasing your sales, lowering your costs and reaching new customers.

EMV Chip Card Technology
American Express can help you strengthen your payment security through EMV-enabled terminals. Upgrading to EMV-enabled terminals can help to better serve your customers' demand for safer and faster ways to pay, giving them greater confidence to purchase with you. What's more, by deploying EMV in your business, you can establish a secure foundation to accept new payment technologies such as mobile and contactless.

Read more about EMV, or contact your terminal provider or American Express Representative about upgrading to EMV-enabled terminals.

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