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If you are outside from Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands click here.

Attract the best customers showing American Express® marketing material at your salespoint or website. Bear in mind that more than 60% of the American Express Cardmembers check that the marketing material is present when entering a commerce1. For that reason, welcoming American Express Cardmembers always adds value to your Establishment.

1. Merchant Acceptance Study - 2001.

Create Promotional Materials Online
Top Create Promotional Materials Online Top Thanks to American Express® you have the easy-to-use online tools you need to create customized, professional-looking American Express co-branded banners, ads, flyers and postcards for free..
Create Promotional Materials Online
Top Static e-Logos Top Show your Web site visitors all the payment options you accept with these easy-to-download logos.

Animated e-Logos
Top Animated e-Logos Top Add movement to your site and show all your payment options at the same time.
Multicard e-Logos
Top Multicard e-Logos Top Create your own Multicard e-Logo by choosing the logos of all the cards you accept.

Market your Business
Top Market your Business Top Whether you own a restaurant or run a doctor’s office, we have complimentary point-of-purchase material for you. Welcome decals, checkout, lane dividers and even check presenters are all designed to get out fast the message that you accept American Express Card. It’s a great way to help you increase your business and profits.
Promotional e-Logos
Top Promotional e-Logos Top What programs do you participate in that might benefit your customer? What causes do you support? Show your web visitors with these easy to download logos.

To start the process of creating your own customized banners, e-logos for free or order standard promotional materials, click here*. If your Merchant it is not enrolled in Online Merchant Services, click here.

*By clicking, you will be entering in, which is website designated primarily for the use of Merchants in the continental U.S. Therefore some of the services may not be available to Merchants residing in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Online order is only available for Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. If you are not in Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands click here to order your promotional materials.

Order complimentary promotional material
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