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Travelers Cheques Authorization Center

If you have questions or if you are suspicious about a Travelers Cheque presented, or about the signatures, do not hesitate to call our Travelers Cheque Authorization Center for your location::

Country Toll Free Number
Anguilla 1-800-452-0519
Antigua & Barbuda 1-800-790-7170
Bahamas 1-800-452-0713
Barbados 1-800-534-0085
Bolivia 800-10-0252
Brazil 0-800-891-2614
British Virgin Islands 1-800-452-0546
Chile 800-201896
Colombia 0-1800-912-3054
Costa Rica 0-800-011-0826
Dominica 866-386-7455
Dominican Republic 1-888-751-2797
El Salvador 800-6059
Grenada 1-800-452-0761
Guatemala 800-288-0073
Jamaica 1-888-877-3060
Mexico 001-866-247-6878
Montserrat 1-800-393-1875
Netherlands Antilles 001-800-393-1880
Nevis 1-800-828-0366 MCI
Panama 001-888-875-0475
Peru 0-800-51-531
Puerto Rico 1-800-221-7282
St Kitts and Nevis 1-800-393-1210
St Lucia 1-800-828- 0366
St Vincent 1-800-393-1876
St. Eustatius 1-800-393-1966
St. Marteen 1-800-393-1966
Trinidad & Tobago 1-888-877-3060
Turks and Caicos 1-800-828-0366
U.S. Virgin Islands 1-800-221-7282
Uruguay 000-411-008-0071
Other Countries 801-964-6665 Call Collect

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