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More than 45 million members around the world trust American Express. These are your best customers and always come back where they receive the best welcome, therefore, learn the benefits of accepting The American Express Card® and apply for your merchant´s affiliation here.

Why the Best Consumers? Why the Best Consumers?
  • 56% of the Cardmembers visit a shopping mall once a month1.
  • The Cardmembers try to use The Card® in all their purchases to add up points, that never expire, in the Membership Rewards® program.
  • American Express serves more than 70% of the Fortune 500 companies with its convenient Corporate Card.
  • 78% of the Cardmembers verify that the American Express marketing material is present before going into an Establishment and making a purchase2.
  • For 51% of the Cardmembers, the acceptance of The Card in the Establishment, has influence in the selection of the Establishment in which to purchase.
1. Research International Plus Business Research Lifestyles - 2000.
2. Walker Information. Merchant Acceptance Study - 2001.

More Benefits to Make Your Sales Grow More Benefits to Make Your Sales Grow
When accepting American Express Cards in your Establishment, you have access to tools and services that will help you develop your business and generate more sales.
  • Free marketing material to attract the best customers to your Establishment.
  • Online Merchant Services, to access all the information on your American Express transactions from any computer, 24 hours a day.
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