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Benefits for your Business

Accepting American Express Travelers Cheques is hassle-free and can help improve your bottom line. American Express Travelers Cheques can be accepted just like cash, there is no contract to sign, and every business can accept Travelers Cheques at any time.

Welcoming American Express Make Good Business Sense
When you welcome customers carrying American Express Travelers Cheques, you welcome the opportunity to become more profitable. On average, excluding travel expenditures, international American Express Travelers Cheque users spend 21% more on their trip overall than did non-users*.

Loyal Customers
Nearly one-third of international American Express Travelers Cheque users feel more confident about using Establishments that display an American Express Travelers Cheque decal

Higher Average Spending
On average, international American Express Travelers Cheque users spent 19% more on daily expenditures during their trips than did non-users.*

Begin Accepting American Express Travelers Cheques
Accepting Travelers Cheques is easy. American Express Travelers Cheques can be accepted like cash — and like cash, they never expire.

There is no charge from American Express and no contract to sign to accept any American Express Travelers Cheque product You are guaranteed payment by American Express when you follow the simple "Watch & Compare"procedure, and you simply deposit the Travelers Cheques directly into your bank account.

You can begin accepting Travelers Cheques immediately. Contact Customer Service to receive the latest information and other materials from American Express. Call Monday–Friday, 9 am to 6 pm United States Eastern Time: 1-800-582-5200*. (If you currently accept the American Express Card, be sure to have your American Express merchant number with you when calling.)

*If you cannot access this toll free telephone number from your country directly, please dial the appropriate access code.

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