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If your business, whether retailer, restaurant or service related, accepts credit or payment cards, it is important to remember that American Express® can provide a Terminal to help you do more.

  • More efficiency. Obtain charge authorization and capture for all credit and debit cards. Simply and quickly.
  • Lower costs. Reduce the cost of phone calls to request authorizations and steps to submit manual transactions.
  • Safer. Minimize the possibility of fraud in your Establishment. Eliminate all possibility of coupon robbery or loss.

Electronic Terminals
  • Express 3200. Low cost terminal with independent printer for businesses that process up to 250 credit card transations per day. This equipment is for small retailers and restaurants.
  • Express 2200. An affordable integrated terminal and printer designed for businesses that handle up to 175 credit card transactions per day. This equipment, ideal for restaurants, retailers and services, offers an option for tips and other characteristic functions of these businesses.
  • Express 3500. Versatile terminal with numerous functions for merchants in the hotel industry with up to 200 rooms and car rental businesses with fleets of up to 200 vehicles. Processes customer transactions from beginning to end, since it saves the authorization until the transaction is complete. It is compatible with several check verification services.

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For more information on POS American Express Terminals, call 1800 AXP AMEX (1 800 297-2639)

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