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Marketing Reports About Your Consumers


Merchant Profile Reports1 provide you with valuable aggregated marketing information about your American Express customers. Each quarter, this complimentary service from American Express provides five reports that can be accessed online via a secure Internet connection. Based on American Express®. Cardmember spending at your active business locations, the information in these reports can help you learn:
  • Who your customers are.
  • Where they're from.
  • How they spend at your business and in your competitive marketplace.
  • How to use this information to grow your business.
1. This information is available only for American Express Cards. Merchant Profile Reports do not provide information regarding affiliates in Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands. They only provide information regarding Affiliates in the United States.

Make your business grow, turning the knowledge of your customers into marketing programs targeted to your best customers, in the right place& and at the right time.
  • Increase the impact of your direct mail and advertising by targeting those customers and geographic areas that offer the most potential for your business.
  • Identify the type of customers who tend to spend the most at your active business locations, as well as those who currently do business with your competitors.

Whether you have an interest in a single business location, multiple business locations, or are part of a large corporation, Merchant Profile provides you with online access to valuable aggregated marketing data. The following complimentary reports are updated on a quarterly basis:

Customer Demographics.
Delivers a detailed analysis of American Express Cardmember spending at your active business locations, broken out by transaction type, dollar amount, age, gender, geographic origin, Card type and Membership Rewards® enrollees. To see a sample Customer Demographic Analysis Report click here.

Travel Trends.
Provides insight into the spending patterns of your out-of-town American Express customers. Lets you compare the seasonality of your business to determine the time of year you can attract more American Express Cardmembers.

Top Markets.
Delivers detailed spending and demographic information on your top out-of-town consumer markets for each of your active business locations. Depending on your volume of out-of-town business, you'll receive valuable information on as many as five key markets where you are drawing most of your American Express customers from.

Shopping Trends
Helps you understand where your American Express customers shop when they are not spending at your establishment. Use this information to better serve your customers with unique marketing campaigns or new product and service offerings.

Merchant Profile reports are available to you at no charge as part of the American Express Online Merchant Services. If you are part of a location that directly submits charge volume and are the first from your organization to register for the Web site, you also receive free online access to View Payments and Submission, Resolve Customer Disputes, and Update Account Information .

These reports are available in Online Merchants Services Click here to log in.

If your Merchant it is not enrolled in Online Merchant Services, click here.

By clicking, you will be entering in, which is website designated primarily for the use of Merchants in the continental U.S. Therefore some of the services may not be available to Merchants residing in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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