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Who spends the most often?
Looking at the Transactions column, you can determine which customer categories spend the most often at your business locations.

Who are your biggest spenders?
Looking at the Average Charge column, you can determine which customer categories spend the most when they visit your business locations.

Sample Reports do not provide information, data or examples regarding affiliates in Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands. They only provide information, data and examples regarding affiliates in the United States.

American Express Cardmembers Dollars Transactions Average Charge
Total Percent Total Percent
18-35 $16,000 16% 800 40% $20
36-55 $52,000 52% 400 20% $130
56+ $22,000 22% 700 35% $31
Undetermined $10,000 10%  100 10% $100
Male $60,000 60% 1,300 65% $46
Female $30,000 30% 600 30% $50
Undetermined $10,000 10% 100 5% $100
Local $16,000 16% 800 40% $40
Out of Town– U.S $62,000 62% 500 30% $150
Non U.S. $22,000 22% 700 35% $56
Card Type
Corporate Card $60,000 60% 400 60% $150
Personal Card $40,000 40% 1600 40% $25
Membership Rewards® Enrollees $30,552 31% 456 46% $67

1.- Some demographic information is undetermined due to the inaccessibility of data.
2.- American Express Cardmembers who reside outside the United States and made a purchase with their American Express Card while traveling in the U.S.
3.- Enrollees registered in the Membership Rewards Program receive a point (redeemable for travel or gift rewards) for each dollar charged to their enrolled American Express Cards.

How valuable is it to know which customers are spending how much at your business locations and in your competitive marketplace? Consider this example:

A small hotel near several major ski resorts has a very seasonal business. The hotel attracts both vacationers and an occasional convention. The owner looks at her Customer Demographics Report and sees that most American Express Cardmembers who stay at her hotel are between the ages of 36 and 55.

Action: The owner can begin targeting special deals to companies who wish to have their company meetings and conferences off-site. To do this, the owner can work with the Convention and Visitors bureaus and the Tourist Information bureaus. In addition, to fill the resort on weekends, she can begin to offer summer weekend getaway deals targeted to middle-aged skiers and vacationers in geographic areas that are within a few hours drive.

We strongly advocate the protection of customer information, and believe that the adoption and implementation of the American Express Customer Privacy Principles is good business practice, and will serve the interests of our customers in effective privacy protection. These Principles guide our conduct in the collection, use, release, and security of customer information

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