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Reduce your carbon footprint with Membership Rewards® points

"Green" your electricity consumption. Cover it with points.


With SP Group and American Express, play a part in reducing your carbon footprint and cover it with Membership Rewards® points at an enhanced value.


My Green CreditsTM allow you to counter the impact of your electricity consumption by matching the electricity consumption with an equivalent amount of green energy produced. This helps to work towards the goal of using smart energy for Singapore.






13 SEP - 31 DEC 2021


Simply purchase My Green CreditsTM through the SP Utilities app and we'll support your contributions with a 2X enhanced pay with points value. You can now realize more dollar value from your points on the SP Utilities app, with S$10 per every 1,000 points redeemed (compared to the S$5 base rate).


Terms and conditions apply

Did you know that 3,000 Membership Rewards points is all it takes to power up a 4-room flat (for up to 3 months)^?

Protect yourself and your future generations.

Start "greening" your electricity consumption with My Green CreditsTM  and Membership Rewards points today.

What else can you do to reduce your carbon footprint?


Make an effort to learn more about your carbon footprint


Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases that are generated through our actions. These gases then interact with our environment, causing detrimental changes in temperature and weather patterns. 


Even by making small changes in our everyday lives, we will be able to make changes to our carbon footprints.



Support other green initiatives by visiting is your one-stop national giving platform to donate, volunteer and fundraise for any of the over 600 registered non-profits in Singapore.




Shop at sustainable stores


By shopping at sustainable stores, you will be able to directly impact your carbon footprint as well. Sustainable farming methods may use significantly less non-renewal fossil fuels as compared to conventional methods, reducing global warming impact. 



Check out some sustainable stores below


How to purchase My Green CreditsTM via SP Utilities Mobile App


Step 1: Click on My Green Credits on the SP Utilities Mobile App

Step 2: Select the preferred green project to support and the percentage of the electricity consumption to "green".

Step 3: Select payment method and complete the purchase.

A unique Renewable Energy Certificate will be generated, stating the amount of carbon dioxide emissions you have avoided.

How to use Pay with Points for My Green CreditsTM

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