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Product name

American Express® Singapore Airlines Business Credit Card

Interest-free period

21 days from statement date if closing balance is paid in full

Interest on purchases (where applicable)

25.90% p.a compounded if payment of the closing balance in your statement is not made in full by the relevant payment due date; or 29.99% p.a. compounded in the event that your Account has three or more defaults1 and/or one default1 which remains unpaid for two or more consecutive months in the last 12 months

Interest on cash advances

25.90% p.a. compounded daily from date of withdrawal until the withdrawal amount and the relevant fees are paid in full

Minimum monthly payment

3% or S$50, whichever is higher

Late payment charges

S$90 if minimum monthly payment is not made by due date

Annual membership fees

S$299 (inclusive of GST) waived for the first year

Cash advance fee

Handling fee of 5% of your withdrawal amount will apply for each withdrawal amount

Fees for foreign currency transactions


Dynamic currency conversion fee


Lost / stolen Card liability

S$100 (For details, refer to clause 9 of ABS Guide on “What You Should Know About Credit Cards” using the following URL


There may be circumstances in which you have to pay other fees.

See the Card Member Agreement and full Terms and Conditions at



  1. You are in default if minimum payment is not received by us on the payment due date stated on your monthly statement.