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How do I apply to accept the American Express® Card?
Click here to to apply to accept the Card.

How can I track my Merchant payments online?
Yes, you can track the progress of your submitted transactions online using our Online Merchant Services (OMS). Find out more about our OMS.

How can Merchants order new promotion material?
Yes, you can even create Multicard e-Logos for websites as well as order physical materials. Find out more.

How do I update my business's address and contact information?
Simply fill out a
Change of Address Form and fax it back to us.

This document is in PDF format and to view it you need Adobe Reader. If you do not have this free software application, download Adobe Reader. Adobe, Reader, Acrobat and the Acrobat logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

How do I set up my Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminal to accept American Express Cards?
Once you have been approved and given an American Express Merchant account, call your terminal provider or terminal support to request your terminal be programmed with your American Express Merchant number. Click here for details on how to contact American Express and arrange this service.

How quickly will I be paid for my American Express Charges?
American Express offers four payment plans: Next-day, 3-day, 7-day and 30-day payment frequencies (depending on the nature of your business/industry). Most Merchants fall under the 3-day pay category, which means that American Express will pay you for Charges three working days from the date that American Express receives and processes the Charges.

Payment frequencies of 7 and 30 days indicate that American Express will pay you for Charges either 7 or 30 working days (depending on the nature of your business/industry) from the date of receipt and processing by American Express.*

*"Working days" means Mondays to Fridays only.

How do I receive approval of a Charge when my terminal refers me to call for Authorisation?
You need to contact American Express Authorisations. Be prepared to give your Merchant number, the Card account number and the amount of the Charge.

What should I do if I suspect a Card may be stolen or fraudulent?
Do not confront the customer. If you are in any way suspicious, call Authorisations. American Express pays rewards for Cards returned on our instructions. Be prepared to give your Merchant number and the Card account number.

How do I add additional locations to my existing American Express Merchant relationship?
Call Merchant Services. Our representatives will be happy to assist you in setting up additional merchant locations.

How should I respond to an American Express customer service enquiry regarding a Charge?
Be sure to respond either by post, or by fax to the fax number indicated, with the requested documentary support before the reply-by date noted on the request. Be sure to indicate in the space provided whether Credit is due or no Credit is due, as supported by your attached documentation. If no reply is received from you by the reply-by date, American Express will deduct the Charge from your Merchant account.

Can I receive my Merchant summary online?
Yes, you can receive your Merchant summary online using Online Merchant Services (OMS). Click here to find out more about OMS.

How can I reconcile payment using OMS?
See the detailed OMS frequently asked questions.

What is ABS?
ABS stands for Automated Batch Submission. If you are a Merchant that currently submits your transactions to American Express via tape or disk, ABS will facilitate faster payments and reduce the risk of erroneous transactions. This is because ABS electronically processes your American Express transactions and if required, automatically converts them into American Express format and submits them directly into our processing systems on your behalf.

What is the online Fraud Protection Guarantee?
Learn more about the online Fraud Protection Guarantee.

How can I reduce fraud and Chargebacks to my Business?
Each year, millions of dollars are lost due to fraudulant use of Charge and Credit Cards. Being fraud-aware will help to protect not only your business but your customers and clients as well. Learn more about Fraud.

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