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Online Foreign Currency Exchange Benefits

International money transfers have never been easier, with online platforms facilitating fast, secure and reliable transactions for businesses of all sizes. Here's how.

Making international payments has traditionally been a pretty time intensive process. From calling around to find the best currency exchange rates, to faxing forms back and forth and physically banking cheques, it was inevitable a better business solution would come along.


As you might have expected, that better way has come via digital delivery with all of your business' international payments now able to be completed with a few clicks online.


For any operation involved with global trade, this represents some significant advantages.


The Advantages of Online Currency Exchange


Not only can online currency exchange enhance security through an entirely digital transaction, but it represents a time and resource saving too.


As a business, it's important to choose the safest, fastest and most reliable route for your international money transfer. And that can be found through a reputable and well-resourced foreign exchange and international payments provider.


But it's also important to choose the most efficient method for currency exchange, which means minimising paperwork, doing away with bank queues and not carrying large amounts of cash. Transacting online does just this.


The other big advantage of transacting online is the integration it allows with other digital foreign exchange tools.


Online Rate Alerts, for example, let you know when a pre-set exchange rate target is reached so that you can transact at optimal times. With an online trading system in place, it's just a few clicks to capitalise on that Rate Alert, rather than the timely traditional process where the advantage might slip.


Online Currency Exchange Process


Our three step process is easy, it goes like this.


  • Log in to your online currency conversion account and arrange a live quote, which is as competitive as foreign exchange rates obtained via the phone.
  • Create a payment, storing your beneficiary's payment details for future use, and approve the transaction through our secure and easy to use dual verification process.
  • Confirm and communicate the payment to your beneficiary with automated email notifications sent directly from American Express, giving greater assurance that the online payment is secure and on its way.

This simple process is supported by a dedicated Relationship Manager every step of the way, making adopting the online currency conversion process easy, with assistance and advice always on call.


Now, compare that to the traditional way of transacting… spending staff resources calling around to secure different rates, hand writing payment details, faxing forms, travelling to the bank and reconciling that paper trail.


All this has been condensed into three simple steps. American Express's online system allows you to make FX transactions securely, quickly and conveniently at very competitive rates. And with no set-up or ongoing management fees, we give your business the efficiency it deserves. And that's what online is all about – timely and efficient transacting.


If you want to start saving time and benefit from our easy currency conversion process, simply talk to American Express today to get started.


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