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Fraud Protection Tips

  • Select strong login passwords

    Users should choose complex passwords that use a mixture of letters and numbers.

  • Keep passwords secure

    Authorised users should keep their passwords in a secure location and should not share their passwords with others.

  • Be proactive

    Update passwords regularly and remove terminated employees' access promptly.

  • Know your payee

    Never send funds to a recipient that you don't know.

Tips to Further Improve Security

  • 1Implement dual verification
    With this feature, one user has permission to create a transaction, but a second user must approve the transaction before American Express will process it.

  • 2Segregate and manage users' payment permissions
    You can limit the permissions you give to your employees. For example, you might authorise one user to create a payment but not give that user the permission to modify payees. Remember to review permissions regularly.

  • 3Activate payment confirmation emails
    You can have American Express notify you by email each time a payment is ordered from your account.

  • 4Prepare against attacks and infections
    Regularly review and install the latest updates for your antivirus software, internet browser, applications, operating system and wireless connection.

  • 5Clarify, communicate and reinforce
    Provide regular training on the importance of data security and fraud prevention.

  • 6Create a fraud prevention plan
    Prioritise security by appointing someone responsible for creating and maintaining your fraud prevention plan. It should cover the following:

  • A definition of the potential fraud risks facing your organization.

  • Information on how to can create strong login passwords for all online systems.

  • A reminder for staff members to only download files or programs from genuine, trusted websites or senders and to limit the amount of sensitive personal information made public.

  • Instructions for users to only send online payments to known people or organisations.

  • A reminder to monitor your bank accounts daily and reconcile them on a timely basis.

  • Clear steps on what to do when fraud is suspected.

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