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Foreign Exchange Rate Alerts

With American Express® FX International Payments, you don’t need to spend time tracking movements in the foreign exchange rate market. Using Rate Alerts, you can create customized SMS or email notifications that let you know when a specified exchange rate for any given currency.

Creating a Rate Alert


To access Rate Alert, go to My Account > Rate Alert, then:


  • 1Click on the Create Rate Alert tab, and select the currency you want American Express to monitor from the Currency drop-down menu.

  • 2Fill in the approximate Amount, the specified Rate and the date you’d like the monitoring to stop (the Expiry Date).

  • 3Choose the Users you wish to receive the rate alerts, and whether the alerts should be sent via SMS or email.

  • 4Click Create Rate Alert in the lower right of the page.

Steps to create a rate alert by inputting details such as currency, amount, rate and expiry date.

Viewing/Modifying Rate Alerts


To manage your alerts, click on the View/Modify Rate Alerts tab. You can delete alerts individually or all at once by checking the appropriate box and clicking Delete in the lower right of the page.


NOTE: Rates may fluctuate,and there is no guarantee the specified rate will still be available when you have logged into the FX International Payments platform.
View the steps to delete/modify any rate alerts created earlier for the outgoing wires.

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