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International Payment Methods and Solutions for Businesses

Our range of products and payment services are designed to help you save time and effort.

Outgoing International Payment Methods

Whether you’re sending or receiving international payments, our business services can help provide a quick exchange of funds


  • Outgoing International Payments (Wire Transfer)
  • Cross Currency Payments
  • Currency Drafts


These international payment solutions are often used for quick settlement, typically from same day to two business days1.

American Express® FX International Payments provides simple and secure international payment methods and solutions to streamline payments to international suppliers.

Incoming International Payment Solutions

Converting foreign currency payments into Singapore Dollars can sometimes prove a challenging and costly process. Processing your incoming international payments with FX International Payments gives you convenient access to funds, thanks to our global banking relationships.


We can convert your incoming foreign currency wire or draft into Singapore Dollars and wire the funds into your nominated Singaporean bank account.

We process incoming international payments for the following currencies:


  • British Pound GBP
  • United States Dollar USD
  • Australian Dollar AUD
  • Canadian Dollar CAD
  • Danish Krone DKK
  • Euro EUR
  • Hong Kong Dollar HKD
  • Japanese Yen JPY
  • Malaysian Ringgit MYR
  • Mexican Peso MXP
  • New Zealand Dollar NZD
  • Norwegian Krone NOK
  • Singapore Dollar SGD
  • South African Rand ZAR
  • Swedish Krona SEK
  • Swiss Franc CHF

Payment Solutions To Manage Foreign Exchange Risk

We can help you manage foreign exchange risk using forward contracts, for example when you have invoices or receipts due at a future date in a foreign currency. We offer:


  • Outgoing Forward Contracts
  • Incoming Forward Contracts
  • Flexible Forward Contracts
  • FX Orders (Take Profit)


Forward Contracts are agreements between you and a foreign exchange provider to buy or sell a certain amount of foreign currency at a fixed rate of exchange at a future date. They allow you to lock into an exchange rate now to avoid currency fluctuations.

American Express® FX International Payments have several features that make them secure and convenient to use.

Online Platform Advantages

  • Live currency rates
    Rates are displayed in real time so you have complete visibility of the total cost before confirming your payment. 
  • Foreign exchange customer support, Mon-Fri, 24 hours  by phone or email
    Our specialist investigation and payment processing teams will ensure your payment is instructed in the correct way
  • In-depth reporting services and payment history
    Processing, tracking, reconciliation, history – all in one place. Keep on top of your foreign currency transactions, see payment histories and reports can also be imported to excel.
  • Get rate alerts by SMS or email
    Transact when the rate is right for you. We’ll tell you when your chosen currency reaches the rate you want. Set up alerts by rate, currency, value or time period.
  • Payment Scheduling
    Payment Scheduling allows you to pre-plan payments with funds automatically sent as per your chosen schedule.


All of the above supported by your dedicated Relationship Manager.

American Express® FX International Payments provides tailored international payment solutions for businesses that handle a large number of international payments.

Tailored International Payment Methods For Businesses

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we have a range of tailored integration solutions to meet your needs. For example:


  • File upload does away with the need to manually input time-consuming multiple payments. The facility allows you to input multiple transactions using a file containing information from your accounting software.


Please contact us to discuss integrated payment solutions that are right for you.

American Express® FX International Payments provides tailored international payment solutions for businesses that handle a large number of international payments.

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