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Business payment solutions
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No matter your industry, we have a payment solution for your business

Here are some examples of how Singapore businesses might use our solutions to send and receive international payments.


Convert payments into SGD seamlessly

Converting foreign currency payments into Singapore Dollars can sometimes prove a challenging and costly process. Processing your incoming international payments with FX International Payments gives you convenient access to funds, thanks to our global banking relationships.

We can convert your incoming foreign currency wire or draft into Singapore Dollars and wire the funds into your nominated Singaporean bank account.

Solution that are right for any business

Solutions that are right for any business

You don’t need an American Express card to send and receive payments for your business.

Whether you are a small business looking to grow or a large corporation looking for scale, we have a range of payment solutions to meet your needs.

Send or receive a payment for your business in 4 simple steps

Making international payments safe and hassle-free for you, so you can focus on your business matters.

How to get started

Place an order with a supplier & receive an invoice

How to get started

Log in online or call your account manager to provide the supplier's information, and lock in a foreign exchange rate to pay your invoice.

How to get started

Payment is sent to the supplier. You don’t need an American Express card.

How to get started

Supplier ships goods (Supplier may also ship before payment)

Use your Corporate Card to pay any business globally, safely and securely


With AccessLineTM, you never have to worry about suppliers who don’t accept card payments. Simply pre-register your supplier with your Relationship Manager, and we’ll handle the rest.

Terms and conditions apply.

You asked, we answered

What are the benefits of Spot Contracts?

Spot contracts provide a solution to short term currency exposure with quick foreign exchange settlements.

What are the risks when transferring money internally?

Transactional risk
Where you have contractual cash flows – such as receivables and payables denominated in a foreign currency – that are liable to change in line with exchange rate fluctuations.

Translation risk
The extent to which financial reporting is affected by exchange rate movements.

How do I settle payments in Singapore dollars or foreign currency?

Paying in a supplier’s currency is usually the most efficient – although it depends on the nature of your business. You can complete the transaction on local terms and control when you accept the foreign exchange rate.

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