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At home, Down Under or in Africa? Doesn't matter. As an American Express Cardmember you'll enjoy worldwide acceptance and recognition. Of course it doesn't stop there; you'll also receive discounts and exclusive access to very, very exciting places. Take a loved one with you. Or find one there.


Privileges to pick. Platinum Zones to step into. Life to lap up.

With an American Express® Card comes instant recognition. And with instant recognition comes exclusive access not just to exciting places, but unforgettable experiences.

American Express Selects
American Express Selects is an exciting selection of year round offers and discounts. Wherever you find yourself in the world, you'll enjoy exceptional value and privileges in travel, leisure, dining and shopping.

Merchant Network
So long as it’s the best, you’ll have access.
American Express® Cards provide you with instant recognition and a warm welcome at thousands of service establishments in Singapore, and millions worldwide.

Membership begins with the right Card

24/7 support. Standard with every Card.

The world’s never too big for American Express

Learn more about our Merchant Network