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I have a charge on my statement I don’t recognise

Don’t recognise a charge on your statement? There is often a straight-forward reason why, but we like to make sure. We help you resolve your enquiry in the following stages:

Easy does it

Stage 1 – You Confirm
Go through our checklist of common reasons for unexpected charges – often, your enquiry can be resolved right here.

Stage 2 – Contact us
If none of the possibilities in Stage 1 applied to your enquiry, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Stage 3 – We clarify
Now that you’ve reported your statement enquiry to us, let us take over – we’ll get in touch with the company that actioned the charge and find out why.

Stage 4 – We conclude
We will do everything we can to resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible and contact you with the outcome.

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