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Purchase Protection

Secure shopping, both online and in-store 

Treating yourself feels even better when you know you're protected. Secure your shopping sprees with our Charge and Credit Card purchase protection1.


90-day purchase protection, stress-free shopping (For selected Cards)



purchase protection - charge and credit card protection


Our Charge and Credit Card purchase protection in a nutshell:

It covers you for 90 days after you buy. 
If your eligible item is stolen or accidentally damaged, we've got you covered.


It gives you complete confidence every time you buy something with Amex.
Shopping never felt so good.


Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.


We'll offer refund protection too


If you're not satisfied with anything you purchased with your Card in Singapore, return it within 90 days of purchase and we will gladly give you a refund on it even if the store does not.


Terms, conditions and exclusions apply.

Security - purchase protection

Purchase Protection is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited. Please refer to your Cardmember Agreement and Benefits for Terms and Conditions.

  Purchase Protection is only available to Personal, Gold, Platinum and Charter American Express Charge Card Members holding a valid American Express Card.


Security - purchase protection statement


Keep an eye on your statement


If you see something on your statement that you don't recognise, we can help. Check the following first though: 


  • Did you order something and then cancel it?
  • Could it be a charge you weren't expecting, or a charge for a product you haven't yet received?
  • Have you been billed more than once for the same transaction?
  • Is the merchant name appearing on your statement different to what you were expecting?


Still not right?


Call us on the number on the back of your Card - it's what we're here for. 

If the transaction is disputed, we'll freeze it and - for Credit Cards - get rid of any interest. 

If the transaction is genuine, we'll leave it where it is, but set your mind at ease.

It it's fraud, we'll credit your Account as soon as possible.




Terms of use


For details of eligible items, limitations and what exclusions apply,

please refer to your Cardmember Agreement.


Other ways we protect you 



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